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Emma Kate

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Italy

Natural Resources
Iron: Production of steel, to carry oxygen, and tools.

Coal: electricity generation, steel production, and cement manufacturing.

Oil: Gasoline, Diesel, and Jet Fuel.

Iron; Australia, Canada, and South Africa.
Coal: US, China, and Australia.
Oil: Iran, Canada, and The US.

Italy has a diversified industrial economy with high gross domestic product.

Italy is a member of Group of Eight. G8 is.....
(The Group of Eight (G8) is a forum for the governments of a group of eight leading industrialized countries.)
It is predicted that Italian GDP will grow 0.7% in 2014 and 1.7% in 2015.
Eleven-largest economy in the world
Fifth-largest in Europe in terms of purchasing power parity
Global Affects
Fun Facts
Italy has a diversified industrial economy
Some major export goods are textiles, foods, and vehicles.
Some imported goods are clothing, textiles, and tobacco.
Germany, France, China, Netherlands, Spain, and Belgium are main import partners.
Germany, France, U.S.A, Switzerland, UK, and Spain are main exports
Coal: Destruction to natural habitats,
Air pollution, and soil erosion.
Oil: Destroys habitats, negates migration, and
water/air pollution.
Iron: Deforestation, Water Pollution, and Affecting the landscape and how it changes.
Coal: Soil Erosion affects the crops growing, trade is different, Burning most types of coal can result in more air pollution, and Global Warming.
Iron: Destroys Wetlands, Cut down trees to find the mines, and air pollution.

Oil: Pollution, Global Warming, and Oil Spills.
Thanks for Watching
Iron: Iron is made into steel. Steel makes airplane parts. Steel also makes oxygen pipes to transport oxygen.

Coal: Coal is made into electricity. Electricity is made for working computers and electronics. Electricity is also used for lights and cooking appliances.
Oil: Oil is made into gasoline and airplane fuel. Gasoline is made for gas for cars and trucks. Airplane fuel for airplanes.
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