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Untitled Prezi

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Kentaro Takeishi

on 2 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Japan presented by Kentaro Takeishi

international club
at Frami F Contents - General data
- Language(日本語)
- Food(食べ物)
- Sports(スポーツ)
- Subculture(サブカルチャー)
- Education(教育)
- Religion(宗教)
- Events(イベント)
- Travel Spots(観光名所) Population
(人口) Land(国土) GDP
(国内総生産) : 79.4 Islands
(島々) 日本 Population : 127,460,000
(1st. Jan. 2013) 10 th in the world Land : 377,950km2 (1st.Oct.2011) EEZ : 4,050,000km2 + ≒ 4,470,000km2 9th in the world Japan consists of ... 6,852 islands(1st.Oct.2011) USD$6.125 trillion (2012) 3rd in the world Average life
(平均寿命) : 85.9 Hiragana(ひらがな) Japanese(日本語) Kanji(漢字) Katakana(カタカナ) k s t n h m y r w a i u e o vowel consonant for the words which came from foreign countries For example
Computer = コンピューター
      ≠ こんぴゅーたー
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