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New Orleans Jazz Cont.

No description

Emily Loboda

on 7 February 2018

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Transcript of New Orleans Jazz Cont.

New Orlean's Jazz continued...
Jelly Roll Morton
Claimed he invented jazz in 1902
"Originator of Jazz-Stomp-Swing"
Helped define jazz
Finest composer of early jazz
Took the multiple themes and syncopation of ragtime to a new level that emphasized a foot tapping beat (stomp)
"King Porter Stomp"
Red Hot Peppers
King Oliver
King Oliver's Creole Jazz Band
Louis Armstrong
Live gigs
Sidney Bichet
Clarinet and soprano sax
One of the first great soloist in jazz history
Turned instruments into one of the leading voices
Louis Armstrong
Single most important figure in the development of jazz

Journal 5
Of all the artists mentioned in this presentation which is your favorite and why?
4-5 Sentences
Find one of their tunes on youtube. Discuss the tune: instruments, style...anything we have talked about in class.
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