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Vowels Classification

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Transcript of Vowels Classification

Vowels Classification /i:/ /I/ɪ /e/ /æ/ / / /ei/ / / Classification:
Belong to Tense vowels
Close front unrounded vowel, or high front unrounded vowel. Classification:
Belong to LAX vowels
Near-close near-front unrounded vowel, or near-high near-front unrounded vowel Classification
Belong to LAX Vowels
Close-mid front unrounded vowel Classification:
Belong to Tense Vowels
Close-mid front unrounded vowel, or high-mid front unrounded vowel Classification:
Belong to LAX vowels.
Near-open front unrounded vowel, or near-low front unrounded vowel Belong to LAX vowels
Open-mid back unrounded vowel, or low-mid back unrounded vowel Classification:
Belong to LAX vowels
Mid-central vowel Spelling Cases e- me, we, she, he
ea- team, reach, mean, sea
ee- meet, feel, see, free
ie/ei - field, believe, receive ɪ Spelling Cases

i - sit, give, this, dinner
ui- build, quit, quick, guilty
y -(between two consonants)-
system, gym, symbol, hymn
o - Women Spelling Cases

e- Get, end, next,let, rent
ea- Heavy, head, read
ie- Friend
a- Many Spelling Cases

ai- rain, wait, pain, aim
ay- say, away, play, Monday
ey- they, survey, obey
eigh- eight, neighbor, freight
a- April, alien, angel Spelling Cases
a- hat, apple, man,
al- Salmon
ai- Plaid Spelling Cases
u- Cut, Cup
o- son
ou- touch
oo- flood Spelling Cases
a- another, banana
o- awesome
oi- porpoise
eig- foreign
e- chicken /3r/ Classification:
Belong to Tense vowels
Open-mid central unrounded vowel, or low-mid central unrounded vowel Spelling Cases
ur- turn
ar- grammar
or- worst
our- journey
ir- girl /a/ Classification:
Belong to Tense vowels
Open back unrounded vowel, or low back unrounded vowel. Spelling Cases
o- hot, stop, modern, job
a- father, watch, dark, want // Classification
Belong to Tense vowels
Open-mid back rounded vowel, or low-mid back rounded vowel. Spelling Cases
aw- saw, law, awful, awesome
au- author, August, applaud,
al- small, walk, tall, always
ought- bought, thought, fought /ow/ Classification:
Belong to Tense vowels
A bit tense, moves from mid to high position Spelling Cases
o- no, don’t, home, only
oa- road, coat, boat
ow- own, slow, window
oo- brooch /u:/ Classification:
Belong to Tense vowels
Close back rounded vowel, or high back rounded vowel Spelling Cases
oo- too, food, school, tool
ue- true, blue, avenue
o- do, who, lose, prove
ew- new, blew, drew
u- super, rule, duty, student / / Classification:
Belong to LAX vowels
Near-close near-back vowel, or near-high near-back vowel Spelling Cases
oo- good, look, childhood, understood
u- push, full, pull, sugar
ould- would, could, should /ai/ Classification:
Belong to LAX vowels
Low high-Back Front
Relaxed, moves from flat to high position Spelling Cases
y- fly, sky, apply, style
i- nice, kind, fine, sign
igh- light, fight, sight, night
ie- lie, tie, tried y / / Classification:
Belong to LAX and Tense vowels ( is considered lax by Ladefoged & Johnson (2010), Fromkin, Rodman, Hyams (2003), and tense by Yavas (2011), Brinton & Brinton (2010))

Relaxed, move from mid-high to high position
Mid High, Back Front Spelling Cases
oi- avoid, oil, moist, join
oy- enjoy, toy, employ, royal /aw/ Classification:
Low high-Back
Moves from relaxed, low to high position for the /w/ Spelling Cases
ou- found, loud, around, thousand
ow- now, down, crowd, vowel
ao- Taoism Edwin Mauricio Alvarado Espinal
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