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Archery During the English Renaissance

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jeureine fallesgon

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Archery During the English Renaissance

How it started
Archery is one of the most ancient of sports. The bow and arrow were developed shortly after Adam and Eve were driven from the Garden of Eden (4,000 B.C.)
Archery During the English Renaissance
The modern sport of target archery originated in England during the 14th century, when the longbow became the English army’s most important weapon, first at the Battle of Crecy (1346) and later at Poitiers and Agincourt. From 1330 to 1414, English kings banned all other sports because they diverted time from archery and a royal decree of 1363 required all Englishmen to practice archery on Sundays and holidays.
The Middle Ages to Renaissance
Types of Archery
Field Archery
The standard field archery round consists of 28 targets, the largest of them 24 inches in diameter. Each target has a white inner ring worth 5 points and a black outer ring worth 3 points. Ranges vary with the size of the target; the longest is 80 yards in the U. S., 60 meters (about 66 yards) in international competition. An archer gets four shots at each target, sometimes from various ranges.
Conduct of Competition
The target used in major outdoor tournaments is 122 centimeters (48.8 inches)in diameter. The center ring, or bulls-eye, is 4.8 inches in diameter. There are nine concentric rings around it. Scoring ranges from 10 points for a hit on the bulls-eye to 1 point for a hit on the outer ring.
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Archery, as an organized competition, dates back to the first known competition held at Finsbury, England in 1583. Tournaments were sponsored, with prizes for winners, among other ways of encouraging archery.

Its also very popular for them to use it because of hunting
Importance during the Renaissance
It's important because it was part of their culture and that it was practiced for entertainment
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In the early Middle Ages, man was engaged in a battle with nature that has since resulted in a dubious victory, to carve a living space, to protect his crops and livestock from birds and animals as well as to provide meat for his table. This was a duty for the Saxon thegn.

hunting was the most popular diversion among the nobility and indeed some of the clergy throughout the middle ages, sometimes becoming an obsession occupying every moment of free time. Some women also participated in the less strenuous and dangerous forms of hunting. Hunters rose at dawn and set out on foot and on horseback with or without dogs and with such an array of spears, swords, and daggers as well as handbows and crossbows as to make hunting seem almost another kind of warfare.
Any Questions?
made by : Jeureine Fallesgon
Nathaniel Cole
It is not clear where and when the crossbow originated, but there is undoubted evidence that proves it was used for military purposes on the second half of the 4th century BC and so on.

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