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Leadership Styles

No description

Guy Hash

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Leadership Styles

Leadership Styles Democratic Leadership Laissez -Faire Leadership Autocratic Leadership Small Group Solutions Activity Quiz Strengths Weaknesses All decisions are made by the leader alone with little to no input from anyone else in the group
They tend to focus more on the task than on relationships
They are often micromanagers, keeping a close eye on those under them to make sure that they are getting things done. Can make the group more focused
Can make the group more productive
Very useful when a certain procedure must be followed or when conditions are dangerous. Stifles creativity
Does not benefit from the expertise of the group.
It can lead to resentment of the leader. Want all of the group members to participate in decisions
Tend to be more focused on relationships than the Autocratic leaders
Guide the discussion and make suggestions, but do not force their idea. Strengths Members of the group are more satisfied
Members participate more and are more committed to the group
Members can speak freely in the group. Weaknesses It can take longer to come to a decision.
Not as efficient or productive as other styles Means "let it be"
They are hands off leaders who do not provide much leadership Strengths Works well with self motivated people who know what needs to be done. Weaknesses Many employees feel lost without any leadership
Often times an autocratic leader will step up in the group. What is Small Group Solutions?? Transactional Leadership Transformational Leadership Charismatic Leadership Styles for Leaders to Establish Authority The leader trades one thing for another to influence behavior.
Most closely affiliated with the Autocratic leadership style.
Used for unmotivated employees.
Leader actively monitors their employees to make sure they are doing their job.
Example: An employer trades a salary or wage for labor. The leader uses inspiration to convince others to do something together to accomplish a greater good.
They are usually very visionary.
They instill a sense of purpose and challenge into their employees.
They encourage creativity.
Works with both Democratic and Laissez-faire leadership styles
Example: Martin Luther King Jr. The leader uses the perception of extraordinary qualities or skills.
More focused on the leader as a person and their qualities.
They convince people to follow their lead based on the perception that they are a good person who will take them places.
This can work with Autocratic and Democratic leadership styles.
Example: John F. Kennedy Leadership Video What is Leadership?? What makes a good leader? Do you consider yourself a leader? What makes your boss a good leader? Who do you think of as a good leader? What qualities do bad leaders possess? We are a new small consulting firm that does leadership style workshops Teach how to be a good leader in the context of a participant observer We plan retreats for leaders and managers in business We saw a need for better leadership in business and wanted to teach leaders to be more effective How can you be a Autocratic Leader and a Participant Observer? How can you be a Democratic Leader and a Participant Observer? Can a Laisse- Faire Leader be a Participant Observer? What does a participant observer have do with leadership?? Leadership Styles
Participant Observation
Effective Leadership Questions ?? Small Group Solutions Thank you Page 15
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