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Cloud Security

Information Security new trends

shenouda nabil

on 9 February 2013

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Transcript of Cloud Security

Cloud Computing Security Cloud Computing - Software Application
- Data Storage
- Processing Capacity
over INTERNET 3 Types of cloud computing 3 Reasons to cloud computing Activity :) What are the questions to Ask Before Signing a Cloud Computing Contract? Information Security Trends Research
CIT620 Presented by: Shenouda Nabil
Under Supervision of: Dr. Marianne Azer Have you ever lost your Data?! If NO, then you gonna be a new
Steve Jobs ;) Steve Jobs in 1997 Do you know why! Cloud Security Steve Jobs Have you guessed what we gonna talk about! SAAS allow users to run application and store data online All off-the-shelf application are accessed over the internet. - free
- facilitates collaborative working PAAS Provides environment and tools for creating new online applications - Rapid development at low cost
- Private or public deployment
- but it limits developers to provider languages and tools IAAS Allows existing applications to be run on a cloud's supplier hardware. - Low cost
- Green area Questions: 1. Where is the data actually going to be physically located?

2. what happens to it when contracts are terminated?

3. What are the grounds for service termination?

4. How maintains intellectual property rights?

5. Who’s liable for damages from interruptions in service?
Cloud attacks DOS Attack - Cloud computing is not a perfect technology. In February 2008, Amazon's Web Service cloud storage infrastructure went down for several hours.
- Whilst Sites experiencing many DDoS attacks are considering clouds as a survival strategy.
- WikiLeaks chose Amazon.com cloud computing service to host its files. What do you think about DDOS attack with cloud computing? Cloud Vulnerabilities 1. Vendor Lock-in
2. Internet Dependency
3. Session Riding and Hijacking Google trend for Cloud Security THANK YOU :) Petition I really need these 15 points to be graduated!
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