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The march on washington

learn about the march on washington BY:D.J. Parker Kaydin ENJOY have FUN

Kendall Reid

on 16 February 2017

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Transcript of The march on washington

The Crowd
What Was It For

The March on Washington By:D.J., Parker & Kaydin
The crowd was uplifted by the emotional strength and prophetic quality of the address given by Martin Luther King Jr that came to be known as the I have a dream speech in which he emphasized his faith that all men someday would be brothers.
The march on Washington was for all citizens to be free from slavery. Black people could not go to the same school and they could not drink from the same water fountains.
100 of 1000s
The people marched 100s of 1000s of miles. They attended the 100s of marches near and far.
The march on Washington was on august 28 1963, an interracial assembly of more than 200,000 people gathered peaceably in the shadow of the Lincoln Memorial to demand equal justice for all citizens under the law.
They got what they wanted they got freedom slavery is now illegal. Martin Luther King Jr was the person who said the I Have A Dream speech.
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