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The Homecoming by Laurence Yep

No description

C'monee' Wilkins

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of The Homecoming by Laurence Yep

Reading Check???
Do Now:
Think of a time where you have neglected something that was important until it was too late. How might you have avoided this situation?
Look at the cover of “The Homecoming” on Page 31
Why is this painting a good choice to illustrate a story called “The Homecoming
What is the exposition?
The woodcutter is a busybody who ignores his wife’s sensible suggestions. The wife and children are forced to make palm leaf fans to keep food on the table. The woodcutter decides decides to go into the mountains and cut tall oak that he will sell.
Critical Thinking
"Why does the woodcutter refuse to do what his wife suggest?"
Making Predictions
1. What did the say when he saw the man feeding his ducks?

2. Find the phrase the wife uses to describe her husband.
Reading Comprehension
1. What details the story show that this is a fictional story?

2. What does this story teach us about being distracted?

3. What mistake does the woodcutter make in the woods?

4. Why is the school teacher important to the resolution of the story?

The Homecoming by Laurence Yep
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