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Macbeth and Breaking Bad

No description

Helen He

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Macbeth and Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad vs Macbeth
Lady Macbeth

Walter White
Vince Gulligan's Breaking Bad is an interpretation of human nature with many similarities to Macbeth
Both men are in positions lower than what they are satisfied with
Both men are emasculated by his wife
Fall from grace and descent into darkness

First blood

Point of no return

They both start out as timid men who turn into monsters through the ambition for power and money. Their tragic flaw
Kills current drug lord

Poisons a child to manipulate
his partner

Kills a man who saved his life
Kills people to tie up loose ends
Kills King Duncan

Hires muderers to kill Banquo and Fleance

Kills Macduff's family
The wife
The accomplice
Skyler launders money for him
She eventually goes into a depression and tries to kill herself
Best friend/partner
Jesse gets captured and doing forced labor. when Walter sees Jesse again, it is like seeing the ghost of Banquo
Foil to Walter and Macbeth
Successful DEA brother
Goes after the drug lord/(Duncan's murderer)
Finds out it is Walter and goes after him
The empire built on blood(money)
Themes and Similarities
The pursuit of power brings out the corrupt and evil motivations of people willing to step over a mountain of bodies to reach it. This kind of ambition reveals the evil in human nature
Even the motif of clothing is shared by both works
Evil deeds catch up to you
Can't run from consequences
The ethical concerns of reaching a goal regardless of the method of achieving it
Perceived invincibility with power and a God complex
Driven by supernatural prophesy that is a catalyst for their actions
Macbeth meets the three malevolent witches that tell of his future
Walter White gets the still mysterious disease of cancer which seals his fate
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