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Copy of The Blended Classroom

No description

A Moran

on 2 July 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Blended Classroom

IPads can make a huge difference
The Blended Classroom
When I first started taking classes towards my instructional technology degree I was very excited to transform my Kindergarten room into using 21st century skills. At first I was a little nervous because most of the other teachers getting this degree worked with older kid’s second grade to the high school level. I teach Kindergarten, so how much technology can my little ones actually access? I soon found out a lot!!
Blended learning
can happened in a Kindergarten classroom by having a set of iPads as a center rotation.
Hi, I'm Julie Kalvels.
A Kindergarten teacher!
in Kindergarten!
IPads Cool!
I love School!
Managing 20 plus Kindergarteners who seek individual attention is not an easy task.
Blended learning can have a huge impact in a Kindergarten classroom. By adding iPads or computers to a station where children rotate through during literacy centers is a step in the right direction. Instead of children being at an independent center playing games with no feedback and a chance to be off task they can be highly engaged using drill and practice software to practice phonics, math and handwriting.
Educational Game: Chickionary
The teacher can then use reports generated to identify students’ weaknesses and strengths to provide even more individualized instruction. This allows for students to move at their own pace and at their own level of instruction.
I don't like
doing easy stuff.
But what apps
are good for
Literacy Apps
Pocket Phonics
Montessori Crossword
Make a Word
Starfall ABC
ABC Reading
Starfall Reading
Sight Words
Learning a-z
Sound Sorting
Word Magic
ABC Magic
Magic Penny 2
Word Family
Spelling Bug
Licking Letters
Spell Blocks
Word Wizard
Math Apps
Park Math
Smarty School
100s Board
Monster Squeeze
Math Series
Rocket Math
Missing Numbers
Creation/Story Apps
Doodle buddy
Doodlecast for kids
Glow Draw
Stick Pick
Little Bird Tales
Book Creator
Collins Big Cat
Story Wheel
Do ink
Puppet Pals
Little Story Maker
Core Apps
Wet Dry Try
School Writing

Scoot Pad
Winter Animals
Baby Animals
BBC Wonders
National Geographic

Handwriting Apps
What I discovered once I actually had an iPad was the power of the video camera and an app called
! With one iPad I transformed the learning in my room. I videoed children learning, reading, teaching others, and I posted them on my classroom website. Each month I would have over 500 hits on my website! That went up from the average last year of 100 a month.
We wrote stories about what would happen
if the Dinosaurs came back.
I want to see
some videos!
April is National Poetry Month. Here are some of my kids sharing their favorite poem!
Take a peak inside our room while we explore
Practicing our Readers Theater
Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Three Little Pigs
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Made a video using Animoto
It was not just the parents using my website to learn about my classroom, but the children were using it to learn and see themselves! It inspired them to want to write better and produce high quality work so I would pick them to be in a video.
Pick me!
Pick me!
The possibilities of what you can do with an iPad are endless!
There was something magical about the iPad camera.
We just made a video of our reading strategies
it's fun to see yourself on camera!
Knowing I had an end of the project assignment coming up I videoed my kids teaching next year’s kids their letter names, sounds and actions for all the letters of the alphabet. My hope is that parents and students will be able to access this video to help them learn their letter names and sounds. I can assign homework as going onto my website and watching the video along with other videos my next year’s kids will make.
I want to see!
Letter names and sounds video!
We have actions that go along with each sound too!
We have a new handwriting curriculum next year called handwriting without tears. I will video children forming the letters we learn each week along with the words they are supposed to say as they form the letter.
The videos will be posted to my website and for homework I can assign the parents and students to watch how to properly hold their pencil and form their letters correctly. The idea of posting videos to my class website to reinforce what we are doing in the classroom is a brilliant idea. In a way it’s like the flipped classroom for the Kindergarten classroom!
Here is another video example of
the children telling about their
reading strategies!
It’s all about the kids. I like to engage them and teach with the tools that they love and are excited about and right now that is an iPad.

I could see my Kindergarteners being collaborative with the technology in playing the games, creating a graphic organizer using Popplet or writing a story using little bird tales.
Little Bird
Don't worry
we'll show
The Story telling App!
Here is an example of a Little Bird Tale. We created the story as a class. We then checked out the computer lab and each child drew a picture of the page they helped write. They used the program Pixie. While they were painting their stories I went around and recorded each child saying their sentence.
Popplet is a child friendly graphic organizer mind map. Students can share Popplets and collaborate in real time. I taught my Kindergarteners how to use and they took off running. It is simple that they can’t go wrong! Within each Popple (or bubble) they have the option to type, change the color, draw, and upload images or YouTube videos.
Click here to see our Popplets!
Another example of Little Bird tales!
My fellow Kindergarten teachers used it to share our end of the year celebrations! We had just as much fun as the kids did!
Thanks for watching my Prezi!
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