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How Far TBS Humor Analysis Website Adheres to Human Centered Design

In this Prezi and Final Project, I would like to describe a few attributes that is adhered by TBS Humor Analysis Website, and two other attributes that failed to be incorporated in the design.

Faisal Rakun

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of How Far TBS Humor Analysis Website Adheres to Human Centered Design

Double click anywhere & add an idea How far does it adhere with Human Centered Design approach? There are 9 Human Centered Design Principles: Coherence Inclusiveness Malleability Engagement Ownership Responsiveness Purpose Panoramic Transcendence In this presentation, we will discuss that the website adheres to Inclusiveness, Ownership, Engagement, and Malleability but in a way lacking in Responsiveness and Coherence. front page Inclusiveness Whetting our appetite with funny short clips, especially a short treatment about scenes in Frasier which is usually familiar to the average user. Ownership Engagement Inclusiveness Ownership Malleability Ownership and Malleability Coherence http://www.tbshumorstudy.com/main.html This website is one of TBS' many programs to bring brand recognition and non-stop laughter to future and current audiences. Its other main goal is to discover what the average person finds funny. Panoramic The system should be inviting and tend to invite you in
and make you feel part of a community of activities
with which you are familiar and on friendly terms
(Cooley, p. 68, 2000). (Cooley, p. 68, 2000) A possibility to mold the situation to suit, to pick-and-mix and sculpt
the environment to suit one's own instrumental needs, aesthestic tastes,
and craft traditions (Cooley, p. 68, 2000). The customizable features in this webpage really shows malleability,
as each user can fine tune the experience to his/her own taste,
in which the possibilities are endless. A feeling that you have created and thereby own parts of the system. (Cooley, p. 68, 2000) A sense that one is being invited to participate in the process
and which creates a feeling of empathy (Cooley, p. 68, 2000). The embedded meanings, if not immediately evident, at least must not be cloaked or obscure (Cooley, p. 68, 2000). Provide windows through which one can take a wider view. (Cooley, p. 69, 2000) NOT 5 minute Jing Presentation: http://www.screencast.com/t/YWRhZGY1ZDEt The aim of website isn't clear to the user unless he did everything or spent enough time in it. When one is doing one activity, it is not clear how it connects with the other activities.
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