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Nancy Juby - Copy - Silver Arts Award.

No description

jayne juby

on 13 March 2013

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Transcript of Nancy Juby - Copy - Silver Arts Award.

I would like to thank everyone who has helped me with my arts award.
Thank you to all the home educators who came to and participated in talent superstars and thank you to the parents who set up on the day. Also thank you to Jayne and Joolz for helping on the day and thank you to everyone a 'Cover it up' and 'Twang guitars' for lending us the equipment.
Thank to everyone for supporting me.
Thank you to Lilith for agreeing to work with me in unit two. Thank you for looking at my Silver arts award portfolio  I have learnt that it is really hard to host an arts event as it takes a lot of patience and a lot of planning and I need a lot of help to achieve something so big. I will also not going to get to watch the event as I will be running around all day and it is very tiring.
It is really important check email regularly and reply as soon as possible so that everyone feel welcome and confident the event will be well organised. Communication with Lilith was also very important. We both had lots of different ideas about almost everything and it was good that we phoned one another straight away to express them.

I have learnt that planning an event takes lot of time. Others don’t always want to follow the plans you make and you need to be able to make them understand that thing as need to be done a certain way. It’s really important to think things through properly because if you don’t consider something like needing extra chairs you can make things more difficult for yourself later on. If Gordon hadn’t had extra chairs we could use we would have had to find another way around the problem. I have also learnt that it’s really important to be flexible and cooperative when your working with other people. If Lilith and I had both insisted on doing things our way we would have never made any decisions at all.in a team.
I have learnt that not as many people as I thought share my passion for singing dancing and acting most prefer to play an instrument or do magic and I was quite surprised about that.
 If I organised another event, I would make sure that I left myself enough time for extra jobs, such as stacking a few chairs in the corner, in case we had more audience members than estimated, so that people weren’t waiting around for the show to start. I would also put an ‘X’ on the floor so people knew were to stand as most stood off centre so they were not visible to the entire audience

 I wouldn’t be keen to plan another talent show. I didn’t really enjoy the planning stage and prefer to be in the show rather than organising it. If I did plan another event I don’t think I would want it to be a talent show and I would probably work on my own to achieve it. I would give myself more time and plan it over a longer period but wouldn’t have to arrange times when I could meet with other organisers to go over plans.
I am glad I put in the effort to plan the event as I now know I don’t really like organising stage events and would probably not consider this as something I would do for a career. During the planning process Lilith and I disagreed on quite a lot of things. We were under quite a lot of pressure to have everything ready for the show. When we had to postpone the event because of the snow it really paid off to have a contingency plan already in place. This meant we could just get on with the jobs we needed to without wasting time discussing what we needed to do and who would do what
 The talent show went really well. There were a few minor problems including not having enough chairs for the audience and a slight disruption when the keyboard wasn’t working. We had to set up another which did take some time, so to keep the audience involved I asked some of them to come up on stage and tell a joke. Lots of smaller boys came up and they had some funny jokes that I had never heard before. One of the participants offered to do their act again. Overall it went well and we got loads of positive feedback.
The most difficult part of the day was the setting up. Everyone had different ideas about how the hall should look and we had to make sure they followed the floor plan we’d designed. A lot more people than we expected turned up on the day and we discovered there we not enough chairs set out. We had to ask Gordon the caretaker if there were any more we could use and he unlocked another room for us. We had to get everyone’s equipment backstage and then make sure no one touched anyone else’s equipment. This is difficult with small children, as they want to touch everything interesting they see and there were lots of interesting things backstage.
My favourite part of the day was watching the video back afterwards. It was really busy and I was running around all day and didn’t get a chance to see most performances or enjoy much of show.

There was a lot of positive feedback from everyone. I think that the feedback that was given was really great but I would have liked to have had more negative feedback as it would have helped us improve if there was another talent show. My project report.
The feedback I collected from others was collected on video and can be viewed in UNIT 2 - PART C/D UNIT 2
The evidence of our event taking place was collected on video.
Click the anywhere on the screen below to begin playing
All other evidence can be found UNIT 2 - PART A/B UNIT 2
PART C/D (24th JAN)
We both travel to North London for our GCSE drama class on Thursday afternoon. We arranged to meet early in Starbucks so that we could go through our plans and be sure we are totally prepared for Tuesday. On the day Lilith will set up the sound system as she is more confident with the equipment. I will make sure acts are registered and everyone knows what’s going on. Once the show starts we will share comparing and chaperoning duties. An announcement will be made to make sure anyone who does not want to be filmed is identified to our film manager.
(28th JAN)
Lilith asked her dad to drive her down to Twang to collect the sound system. The speakers Phil had ready for us were too big for her dad to fit in the car and so she had to ask if he had any smaller ones we could use instead. He didn’t mind swapping them over and replaced them for us.

(29th JAN)
SHOW DAY We arrived early for class to brief everyone before we started. Then we went into class and had to trust everyone to follow our instructions. There was a point where some of the parent helpers set up the hall differently to the way we wanted it, as they thought the gym mats would work better that way. Luckily we had made a floor plan that could be referred back to so everything was rearranged to match the plan. When we came out of class the chairs and stage area had been set up. The backdrop was attached and looked great. As we’d planned, I helped set up the backstage area and then brought acts in one at a time to register and set up their equipment so that we knew everything would be in place for each act when they were ready to go on. Lilith set up and connected the sound system. It was really great that everyone knew what was happening and everything went smoothly.
Once everyone was registered the backstage room was full of equipment. Lilith started the comparing and I collected acts two at a time and brought them to backstage area to wait to go on stage. After the first few acts we swapped jobs. There was a point where there was no one collecting acts and the backstage area was empty. Luckily the backstage manger asked one of our friends to step in. She didn’t mind helping at all and was really useful, working hard alongside us all until the end. I wished we had thought to ask her to help beforehand.

(30th JAN)
Lilith and her dad returned the equipment we had borrowed. We met to write thank you letters to everyone who helped us and to those who participated in our event as a performer or audience member. Then we helped to edit the video of our event with lots of help from Lilith’s mum Joolz. (15th JAN)
Risk assessment This is the first day I was able to get into the hall and will be the only chance I get before the day of our event so I took the chance to do a risk assessment. Risk Assessment  Home educators groups, mother and toddler groups and scout troops already use the hall regularly and so it is a very safe environment for children and families generally. There are sufficient precautions taken and more than enough fire exits.
 Kitchen The obvious risk is the kitchen, which may be used to prepare hot drinks. There is no kettle, just an urn attached to the wall at the back of a wide work surface. The only danger would be from a child climbing on the surface or someone spilling hot drinks. We will make an announcement at the beginning of our event asking for all children to be kept out of the kitchen, and for parents not to leave drinks unattended.
 The changes we make to the centre, to hold our event will be to attach a curtain to the whiteboard rail, Set up sound system, bring in large equipment (ie gym mats/instuments)
 Backdrop The curtain will be attached using professional fittings that are used in professional stage sets. It is very unlikely to fall and if it does the stage area will be monitored constantly as leaving the expensive equipment unattended would pose a risk to the equipment and unsupervised children. If it did it is made of fabric and as it will be at the back of the stage area away from performers and so it poses no risk.
Sound system The sound system will be monitored constantly and only used by Lilith or myself. We have a stand for the microphone to avoid the risk of it being dropped. Wires will run behind the backdrop so pose no risk of tripping someone up. When using electrical equipment there is always some risk of fire but the hall has 2 useable exits plus one extra fire exit. All three are on different sides of the hall. There is an additional fire exit from the kitchen and wide windows that can easily be reached and opened by small children in the bathroom. Backstage area also has two exits. There is some risk of fire but risk of someone being harmed in a fire is minimal.
Equipment All equipment brought to the hall for use in acts will be stored in the backstage area. Our backstage manager Jayne will remain in the area supervising equipment at all times. She will have an assistant (Me or Lilith) who will run any errands outside of the area. No one will be allowed backstage without permission and only 2 acts at a time will be allowed into the area. Performers will only be able to touch their own equipment. These steps reduce any risk of damage to or accidents caused by equipment to minimal.
 Child protection. All children will have an adult parent/guardian responsible for them at the event. The event will be filmed but we will make an announcement asking anyone who does not want their child filmed to make themselves known to our video manager Joolz. Joolz has agreed not to film any footage of anyone who does not want to be filmed. Any accidental filming (ie. In a group situation will be edited out of final video. She will make this clear to parents who approach her. UNIT 2
PART A/B Possible future Future possible training
GCSE drama
BTech performing arts level 1, 14yrs at Theatre Peckham
BTech performing arts level 3, 16yrs at Theatre Peckham
Specialist performing arts colleges, Brit/Millennium/Tring park/Sylvia young/Italia conti/Performers etc
Performing arts courses at further education college. Southwark/Lewisham/Croydon/Greenwich etc
Possible career paths
Theatrical performer
Butlins redcoat
Tv actor
Voice over artist
Dance teacher Libby
Libby is a music teacher at a private school in Scotland. She used to live in London and has performed in the West end.
I know Libby because my Nan used to sing in the same church choir that Libby played flute for and she is godmother to my uncle. She has three children Emily, Florence and Charlie who is a bit older than me. Although she moved to Scotland when she got married they have stayed in contact and she sometimes visits when she comes to London to see her parents. I asked if she would mind answering some questions about her career for me and emailed her the questions. Hi Libby,
Thank you for agreeing to answer some questions for me. Here they are.
Thank you again,
from Nancy
After you left school what training did you do and where?
 How old where you when you decided you wanted to perform for a living?
 Did you have an agent? and if so
Why did you decide to sign with the agency you did?
 What made you decide to stop looking for performance jobs and each full time?
 Do you regret any decisions you have made regarding your career?
Which instruments do you play and which is your favourite? 
Which if any classes in performance arts did you take as a child? 
How would you feel if one of your children wanted a career as a performer? Libby Crabtree UNIT 1
PART D Silk painting workshop
Samiart, Wallington
I went with my friend Lilith to this event in the community. We were invited to help assist in a workshop creating seven silk banners each painted to represent one of the colours of the rainbow. The banners were being made to display in the local library. We had to learn the skills needed so that we could help the public. It was great fun and I enjoyed learning a new skill and helping the public.The banners looked really nice when they were finished. Olympic mascot hunt
All over central London
Over the summer holidays artists had been given an Olympic mascot statue to paint that would be placed all around central London with maps so that the public could find them. They took you on a tour of London’s famous places each painted to represent part of London life. Review
Les Miserables
Movie I went to see Les Miserables with my mum on the 7th of February 2013. Les Mis is one of my favourite stage shows and I have the 25th anniversary show at the O2 on DVD. We were some of the first people to arrive so had great seats.
I was not disappointed and I thought that the cast was well selected. I really liked Russell Crowe who played Javert. The songs had to be taken down for him but I found he played the character convincingly, so that didn’t need to have that great a voice. He did pull off the songs and I found he was the best Javert I have seen. I also enjoyed the work of Samantha barks who played the role of Eponine. She is a musical theatre actress anyway and played Eponine in the anniversary show. I found she worked really well with the other actors in her scenes and she played the character convincingly. Gavroche was really great and I loved his performance. He was one of my favourite characters.
I loved the design of the costumes and thought that they showed the class and personality of the characters.
I didn’t particularly like Amanda Seyfried as Cosette. She did look the part I felt that her voice wasn’t high enough for the role but I did still enjoyed her performance. I also wasn’t sure about Hugh Jackman playing Jean Val Jean. Though his acting was fantastic, his voice was only fine. Sometimes his voice cracked on the higher or lower notes he played a very convincing character but this let him down.
Overall I thought the acting was great but I felt quite a few of the cast struggled with the songs. Most of the songs in Les Miserables are very difficult to sing and in quite a few it sounded as though the actors were straining to get the high notes or they didn’t make the big jumps up and down sound as smooth as they usually do. It was easy to see which actors had musical theatre backgrounds and which were actors. I would definitely see it again. FILMS I HAVE SEEN AT THE CINEMA
Schools film week
Two weeks when schools and home educators can book to see special screenings of films for free.
Brave –16th Oct ‘12
Disney Pixar story about princess Merida the princess of of a Scottish clan finding her destiny. When she gets in to an argument with her mother she hires a witch to help change her, but things go wrong and Merida must protect her mother and save her family. I liked the characters of her triplet brothers who were always getting into sticky situations and coming out on top.
Born to be wild 3D – 19th Oct ‘12
This movie followed the journey of 2 young animals an elephant and an orang-utan in specialist sanctuaries and there journey back to the wild. This film was really cute and being at the Imax the 3D was incredible and felt so real. As if I could reach out and touch everything. It was my first visit to the Imax and I cant wait to go again.
Jane Eyre – 24th Oct ‘12
I really like the story of Jane Eyre and was a bit disappointed with this modern adaptation of the classic novel. I found that the camera blurred a lot and I found that I didn’t like it anywhere near as much as and older black and white version I saw on tv.
Other cinema visits
Twilight –Breaking Dawn ( part 2) –16th Nov ‘12
Based on one of my favourite books. I went in thinking I knew what was going to happen so finding there was a twist was shocking. Me and a few of my friends cried as the film was so emotional.
Parental guidance - 31st Dec’12
The film was really funny it was about two grandparents who had to look after their grandkids for a week and had no idea about how to go about it. The kids thought the grandparents were boring and the grandparents didn’t understand the technology in the grandkids lives.
Les miserables – 7th Feb ‘13
I really loved this film so have written a longer review on the next page.
Animated adventure through computer games from original pixelated to modern graphics. It was a bit strange seeing how computer games used to be and I didn’t really understand what a ‘glitch’ was until the movie had ended because I’d never seen one. I had to ask my parents about it. Having seen the show I really wish I was a bit smaller. I really wanted to audition for a part in Matilda but the tallest kids they will see are 4’10”. I am 4’11” so 1 inch too tall. It seems like an amazing show to be part of. The child cast is almost as big as the adult cast and they are really involved in everything. Even changing the sets. I absolutely loved everything about the show and I have been waiting to see it since it came out. The tickets were part of me and my Christmas present from my Mum and Dad The only negative I could comment on was the prices of snacks, drinks and merchandise. £2.50 for a small water and £20 for a children’s t-shirt. We had a lot of fun drawing on the chalk boards in the interval nearing the end of the interval Mr Wormwood and Michael Wormwood came on the stage and talked to the audience then they sung a song called telly that was really funny then Lavender came on and told us of her plan to put a newt in Miss Trunchbull’s jug.
I liked the props a lot there were lots of books in the library and small stacks of books that Matilda sits on. I liked the way they used puppets for the acrobat and the escapologist There were some cast changes in the performance but they were amazing anyway. Miss Trunchbull played by Charles Brunton was hilarious. I don’t know how he didn’t laugh especially when he did all the flips during the phys ed scene. Michael Wormwood (Matilda’s brother) played by Billy Cullum, didn’t have many lines and they were mainly 1 word. The timing was unexpected so he had to act like he was very dumb and teenagery, but he had to listen really hard for his cues. Matilda was played by Hayley Chanam and she was amazing. She had at least 10 songs and tons of lines, so I think she did really well to remember it all. She really held her character the whole way through and I didn’t see a moment when she dropped out of character. Lavender had lots of lines that allowed her to interact with the audience. She kept hinting things like what she was going to do to Miss Trunchbull and how Matilda was her best friend. She was hilarious. Bruce was also very, very funny. Mrs Phelps the librarian was comical she believed that all of Matilda’s stories were real and got very worked up about them. The kids were amazing they didn’t have many lines but had to do set changes and sang most songs so I thought they did great.
There were a range of songs and I thought they really told the story. My favourite songs were Naughty, Miracle, Loud and When I grow up. I loved the script. It was different from the book as she went to the library to tell Mrs Phelps the librarian stories it was all one story told about miss honeys life but she didn’t know that until she talked with miss honey it was very good. Matilda
Covent garden – 23rd Jan ‘13
I went to see Matilda the musical with a small group of home educators on the 23rd of January 2013. When we arrived at the theatre it was covered with pictures and reviews of the show the theatre was huge we got a program and made our way to our seats in the dress circle. I the upstairs foyer there were chalk boards on the walls we spent some time drawing on them and looking at the other drawings we found a pile of blow up cushions that children under a certain height could put on their seats so they could see. Erin and Amber used them. We showed them our tickets and we were sitting with my friend Ruby. The stage was amazing there were swings with giant light up letters on them spelling the name Matilda I was blown away there were letters around the top and side of the stage and as I looked I found every letter spelt something. I found maggot, malice, joy, acrobat, escape, enormous, phenomenon and so many more that I can’t remember them all. Richard III
Apollo theatre, Piccadilly – 7th Oct ‘12
Shakespeare’s play about the mean king Richard and the way he tried to get to the top
The play was not the best I have seen I found it bored me. As it was in Shakespearian I did not quite get what most people were saying. I did like the way that some of the audience were seated on the stage to try and recreate the feeling of the globe theatre and enable the cast to interact more fully with the audience.   Lion king
Lyceum theatre, Covent Garden. - 19th Sept ‘12
Based on the Disney motion picture. I really liked the way the costumes and sets were designed because they had taken into account the way that animals really move and tried to make the costumes reflect that. The songs were mainly the same songs as in the movie but the sets were amazing and worth seeing the show for. Question and answer session
After the three plays there was a Q&A session with the cast. I really wanted to stay and my dad said as we’d stayed so late already we might as well. It was really interesting and lots of great questions were asked. I got to ask a question which I will write about in section D. It was meant to last for half an hour but ended up being nearly an hour and we only just caught the last bus home at midnight. My dad said he found the stories quite scary and could see why they aren’t recommended for children. The next day my mums friend said the cast were interviewed on the ‘Simon and Jo’ show on ‘radio 4’ and that they had mentioned our group. We listened to it online and they said they had a group of home educated kids in yesterday who had sat right in the front row and had been great. They said they could see us all enjoying the show and that we had come to meet them afterwards and that we were incredible.
I would definitely want to go and see Alison perform in future roles and have already asked to go and see ‘Horrible Histories’ next production ‘Terrible Tudors and Vile Victorians’ when it is at the Ashcroft theatre, Croydon in February HORRIBLE HISTORIES – BARMY BRITAIN On 30th November 2012. I went with my mum and sister and a large group of home educating families to the ‘Horrible Histories Barmy Britain’ at the ‘Garrick theatre’ near Trafalgar sq in London. The theatre was quite grand inside and out, there were seats with a soft cover and the theatre had paintings of cherubs on the ceiling. The stage was large and spacious.
When we arrived the stage had a large curtain so I had know idea what to expect. We sat in the front row and so had a fantastic view. When the curtain was drawn I could see a large chest in the middle of the stage, either side of the chest was a large hat stand, each standing in a large basket. There were items of clothing hung on them and I could see props in the large baskets. It was weird at first and I wondered why they would need all the costumes on the stage. Cast
Photos Nancy Juby – Silver Arts Award 2013
At the start of the rehearsal process in the summer of 2012, a number of young people had passed the audition to perform in Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl, but no one yet had been allocated a role. At the beginning of rehearsals I set a range of acting and movement exercises to allow me to learn more about the individual young actors potential. I then tied the script quite closely to the potential of the group.
Among the girls in the cast, there were two groups, older girls (mid teens) and younger – around 10-12 years. Nancy was one of the younger age group.
Though Nancy admits she had never had a speaking role at the start of our production process, she read well and engaged intelligently with the characters as we explored them. She and her colleagues worked together co-operatively and expressively during the research and development stage, and in the final setting of scenes I was able to use some of the material they had developed.
As work on the production went on I decided that some of the material was not well matched to the younger girls; other characters would be more appropriate for them. The older girls’ roles went to older students, although the younger ones had done some very good work on the characterizations. The exception to the rule was Nancy.
Nancy had been working on the role of Clare, a middle class well brought up girl, thrilled by and admiring of a loud unruly set of “rude girls”. Clare wanted to be one of the gang, but couldn’t abandon her very correct diction to engage with the teen slang all her friends spoke.
Nancy grasped this character with great delight.
She took on a slightly lisping, well projected vocal style, displayed neat girlish mannerisms and adopted a manner of dress slightly too young for her age. She created a character silly with enthusiasm, a perfect foil for the super cool, slightly older gang girls, who looked down on Clare’s more than BBC accent. It’s important to note that most of the work of creating this character was done independently, by Nancy, without a heavy input from staff.
When the time came to make the final castings, I decided that Nancy’s reading of the role of Clare deserved to stay. It was a good choice. Although younger than the others in her group, Nancy worked professionally through the rehearsal period. Soon I noted that she was beginning to get laughs from the other cast members– always a good sign.
When the time came for performance, the audience agreed– Clare was a character well recognized and much enjoyed.
In my opinion, Nancy definitely made her mark in this role, enjoying herself and taking the audience with her – excellent work.
As a tutor, I would say that though the lisp was grand for Clare, you need to remember that the tongue is a muscle, and as an actor you need to get it under control – no lisping!
Well done!
Very best wishes
Teresa Early,
Artistic Director Team reviews Programme ACTION PLAN  I have auditioned for newspaper boy and origami girl and have managed to get a part. I don’t know what my part is yet. The origami girls for each team were announced at the end of the auditions, so I know this isn’t the part I am playing. The origami girl character has to come out of a newspaper bag so they only cast very small girls for the part.
My challenge will be to confidently perform a speaking role well in a professional production.
Rehearsals will run from June – December
Performances will run throughout December
I will need to be at every rehearsal, rehearsals are every Saturday and Sunday for 3 hours each. There will be extra rehearsals during school holidays and weekday evenings, especially closer to performance time. The majority of rehearsals will take place at the theatre if they are scheduled at another location I will need to get there.

 I will need
*An adult to take and collect me to and from rehearsals
*Jazz shoes and loose comfortable clothing to wear at rehearsals
*Water to keep me hydrated
*Snacks to keep my energy levels up
*My script
*Other cast members and production team to be at rehearsals
I need to make sure I wrap up and keep my chest warm during cold weather so I don’t get sick and miss time.
I plan to record my progress by writing diary updates at regular intervals. I will know how I am getting on by the feedback given by the director and production team. I will ask audience and production team to email feedback to me. UNIT 1

I have decided to challenge myself to perform a speaking role.
I hope to do this by getting a speaking part in ‘Theatre Peckham’s’ Christmas production ‘Newspaper boy and Origami girl’.

To achieve my challenge I will need
-        ~To be at all rehearsals
-         ~Get to wherever rehearsals are scheduled-mainly at the theatre
-         ~Learn my lines and practice my script
-         ~Take on board any feedback from rehearsals
-         ~Take the opportunity to get as much help and advise from the professionals I will be working with as possible.
-         ~May need make up and costume.
-         ~Water and snacks. Packed lunch for long days
- ~Jazz shoes Strengths and weaknesses
Dancing – made tap video for my bronze arts award it has been on you tube for 8 months and has over 600 views. I did a workshop with the English National Ballet and they were very impressed with my dancing and asked me to come to future workshops. My exams have always been graded ‘highly commended’ the highest grade possible.
Singing – I am good at controlling and projecting my voice. I often get chosen to do solos. I have good feedback from my teachers and have successfully auditioned for parts in professional stage shows
Speaking on stage - I started drama classes in January. I haven’t had a speaking part in a performance yet so I don’t have much confidence in speaking roles, as I have not had a chance to practice using the skills I learn in class in a real situation.

Skills to develop
I have had a lot of experience in performance for dance and singing and have been involved in dance from a young age. I have been lucky enough to have opportunities to perform in professional shows but have yet to perform a speaking part. I am a strong singer and strong dancer in all types of dance I study. The area I would like to gain skills in is my weakest area. Acting.
It is important to be a good all round performer if you want to work in theatre as I do. If you can’t do one thing it will limit your employability and the roles you can play.
I would like to develop my speaking on stage skills as it’s the thing I have had the least amount of practice in. The theatre school I’m with at the moment, ‘Theatre Peckham’ puts on an original production every year and students have the chance to audition. Those that are successful work with professional actors and production team throughout the rehearsal period and performances.
I am planning to audition for a part in the production in the hope I will get to work with professionals and that they can give me advice that could help me in the future. I am hoping to get the main girls role of the origami girl. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES UNIT 1
PART A Silver Arts award Nancy Juby (15th JAN ) – Risk assessment. See next page. Elliot offered to lend us some scaffolding to hang the curtain but we thought it might be dangerous if kids are running around. He then suggested using a special strong Velcro that can stick to the wall and hold the weight of the curtain. He warned us it might take the paint off the wall so to try and fasten it to paintwork. We took the Velcro tape and will fix it to the metal whiteboard rail on the wall. The curtain was wrapped in a huge, thick heavy duty plastic sack. It was much heavier than we expected and it took 3 of us at a time to carry it home. Even with 3 of us we were getting tired quickly and had to keep swapping over. Luckily both our mums and sisters were with us so we took turns. (16th JAN)
Backdrop When we arrived at the warehouse I was really surprised at how big it was. It was filled with curtains of every colour and fabric there were even gold and silver lame curtains. We also got to see a curtain being cleaned and repacked ready to hire out again. We both wanted a velvet curtain. Lilith wanted to get pink. I really liked the pink but thought that boys would complain about performing in front of a pink curtain, so I asked for a jade colour, as it was really pretty. Lilith was reluctant at first but in the end she agreed. Curtain Lilith’s mum is in Taekwondo class with someone who works in a company that makes and hires drapes for theatres and stage events. Lilith thought of asking them if they would consider lending us a curtain to use as a backdrop for our showcase. Lilith will take responsibility for contacting him.  
He agreed and has invited us both to come to the warehouse and choose the one we would like. Transport The scout centre is at the top of a very steep hill and surrounded by woodland. As neither mine or Lilith’s mums drive we get there by walking through the woods each week. Lilith gets to the woods by train and I go by bus. It would be impossible for either of us to take lots of equipment on the day so Lilith has asked her Gran Sandra if she will bring our equipment up in her car. She has kindly agreed to help and will come and see the show The people that will help us.
 *Gordon – will open and close hall
*parents of HE kids in classes – will help with setting up on the day
*Joolz – video manager; will film show and feedback interviews on the day
*Jayne – backstage manager; will register acts on arrival and look after backstage area and equipment and make sure acts are ready to go on when called.
(Jayne and Joolz will also help with set up and clean up) The resources we will need are
 *Hall – have anyway.
*Chairs – at the hall.
*Microphone – hire?
*Performance area – masking tape.  The team is made of
 *Nancy – plan and organise. Draw up risk assessment.
*Lilith – plan and organise. Source mic and amp to hire. Detailed plan – exactly what we will do If the project works we will have a range of acts and we will ask and record others opinions of the event afterwards on video.

 There are things that could go wrong like someone doesn’t want to go on, on the day, or the next act isn’t ready, or somebody has an act that is to long and wont shorten it, or they didn’t bring the equipment they need. We will bring the instruments we have and Lilith and I will have an act or two prepared for the day if we need to fill gaps.
We need to find out how many kids to expect and we need to create the backdrop and gather the rest of the equipment we need.
On the day we will need help to set up as we are in classes all morning. We are going to ask the parents of the kids in our classes to set up for us. We have drawn up a map of how we would like it to be so that the parents can follow it. Facebook group While I was at Lilith’s we thought of creating a facebook event to get the message of our event out to the teenagers as they use social messaging regularly. We worked together to create the event page and invited all our home ed friends and asked them to spread the message. I added some posts encouraging people who weren’t sure to join in. We managed to persuade four people to join in using instant messaging. (2nd JAN)
I arranged to go over to Lilith’s house a few days later to discuss and write a plan for our event. We made a list of all the things we would need to do and get before the day and what we need to bring up to the hall on the day. We marked out a floor plan to use on the day showing where the stage area and seating would be laid out. We also agreed to ask the parents of the kids who are in our classes if they would mind setting up the hall while our lessons are on. Basic plan - What we were going to do Who for Lilith and I have decided we are going to work together on our leadership project. The first thing we needed to decide was what we were going to do.

We have decided to host an event for Home educated kids as we are both home educated. This means we will be able to host our event on a weekday so will have more chance of obtaining a venue at a reasonable price. As most of south London’s home educators are linked via a google group we can easily contact our target audience.
We discussed a photography exhibition/competition where guests would vote on their favourite photos but finally decided to make our event a talent show. We know how dedicated some home ed kids are to their chosen arts. They have lots of time to practice and can take up any arts they want, as they are not restricted by school lessons and timetables.
We are both interested in performance arts and would like to see other home ed kids talents displayed in one place. We think others will enjoy this too, whether watching or performing and we hope to see a wide range of talents on display.

Where and when We discussed different halls we could use for our venue. The best option is the South London scout centre. This venue is already well used by home edders on three days of the week so most people know where it is already. We both have lessons there on Tuesday mornings and stay for the social session in the afternoon. If we are able to hold the event on a Tuesday afternoon we hopefully won’t have to pay to use the hall and so can make the event free to enter and watch. We will need to speak to Ky who runs the group we attend on Tuesdays and Gordon who is the caretaker of the centre and grounds. We are going to go and speak to them together on our first week back at class after the Christmas break 15th January.

Competition We decided against making out event a competition as some kids might not enter if they thought they weren’t very good and we would need to buy prizes. It’s also difficult to compare completely different acts, like ballet and magic. We thought it would be more fun to make the event a showcase for everyone to show what they enjoy doing. We spoke to our parents and asked their opinions on the matter. They both agreed that a showcase would be more inclusive. Conclusion After working with, watching and interviewing the professionals I have…
I have decided I will take whatever comes my way and give everything a shot
If I don’t try everything out I wont find what I really enjoy. I might think I like dancing but might really like scriptwriting instead.
My plans so far are to continue working towards my Drama GCSE, which I hope to take next year.
To stay at my theatre school ‘Theatre Peckham’ and do the performing arts Btech ‘level 1’ at 14yrs and possibly ‘level 3’ at 16 yrs.
I am interested in training at a specialist performing arts college to get musical theatre training.
I want to keep up with all of my classes and hopefully do Gold arts award in a few years time.
I am keen to try any performing role that presents itself.
The professionals I interviewed have all tried different things. Graeme thought he really loved singing until he tried acting and he found he liked it just as much.
Denise wanted to be in a brass band until she tried singing and ended up winning Operatunity. Libby wanted to be a teacher and ended up as a singer.
Even if you don’t get may jobs its important to have contacts with lots of people because they can tell you what sort of jobs are around and you might find out about something you had never considered like set design. Its also important to go and see lots of shows as well, so that you can see what kind of things you might be interested in trying.
You need to be open minded about trying new and unexpected things. Be prepared for not being able to get a job and having to do something else. Performers need to be
friendly, flexible, confident, hardworking, motivated, positive, have a cool head and not be too demanding. It’s important to have a good name so that people remember you and recommend you for work.
 Its important for a performer to try and build extra skills like singing, playing instruments, and presenting. It’s useful to be a good all rounder and although its good to have agent you shouldn’t stop looking for work yourself.
You also need to be tough because you might try out for hundreds of jobs and not get any, but if you don’t keep on trying you will never get one. You will have to face a lot of rejection so you need to be quite tough emotionally and understand that it isn’t personal.
 I’ve also learnt that although it is harder with children or a disability it is still possible to perform you just need to be more flexible in your approach and that you don’t need professional training to be successful, just a real love for performing. Question and Answer session at the scoop I went to see Trojan horse, Agamemnon and Orestis at the scoop. At the end of all three performances there was a Q&A session.
I got to ask my question…

What does it take to be an actor?
Three actors answered my question.
The man in the middle said…
You have to be a bit of an idiot to do the work they do. In all honesty believe in what you are doing. If you love it enough you will find your way in. They do it because they love it even though they don’t get paid.
The second lady along said…
Hard work and determination.
And the lady with the mic said…
Put yourself out there. Keep trying till you succeed Denise is a friend of my Grandad's. They met through a mutual friend.
Click on the photo to hear my interview with Denise.  QUESTIONS
Do you still play any instuments?
and do you prefer to play or sing?
 When the drama group you wanted to join wouldnt let you because of your disability how did you feel?
Did it make you more determined to perform or did it knock your confidence?
 What made you take part in the TV show Operatunity?
Did you have any idea of how your career would take off if you won?
Did you think you had a chance of winning?
 How did you come to be playing Mother Superior in the sound of music?
Is musical theatre something you have always wanted to do?
How are you finding it?
 Is it difficult to be a parent and a performer?
How do you manage when you have to travel for work?
Have you ever considered giving up singing and becoming a full time mum?
 What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Do you sing opera in the shower? Denise Leigh Response. When I left school I went to Cambridge – Homerton College – to train to be a secondary school music teacher.That took 4 years.
While I was in Cambridge though, I did tons of singing and shows – I was in church choirs and stage shows all the time and got lots of experience by doing. Also the choirs I was in often made CD’s or travelled abroad to be part of an Opera chorus etc.
When I left Cambridge I got a job as a teacher. While I was teaching I kept bumping into people I used to know at Uni who were professional singers. They were travelling the world and performing for a living. As that sounded fun, I gave up my teaching job with absolutely nothing in my diary. The other teachers thought I was nuts. So I was about 24 when I decided to be a performer. Up till then I thought I would be a teacher.
Then I auditioned for choirs and started getting work. I did a year in London’s West end too – 8 shows a week for a year. Return to the Forbidden Planet.
I did have an agent for solo work. I didn’t need one for chorus work – the ‘fixer’ of the choir would phone me directly, tell me the dates of a job, quote me a fee and it was up to me whether I did the job or not.
Solo work often came to me through my agent. She approached me to ask if she could be my agent and I didn’t have any other offers so said yes. But at least 80% of my work came to me directly.
I decided to stop singing when my eldest daughter was 12. I thought I should be around more when my kids were teenagers and I didn’t want to keep travelling away from home.
So far – no regrets. Although I would honestly say I’m currently teaching mainly for my children’s sake. They go to the school where I teach and we get a massive discount on the fees because I teach there.
I play Flute, Piano, saxophone, guitar. Piano is def my favourite. I just like the tone and my fingers moving and all the sounds you can make.
I had absolutely no classes in performance art as a child – just classical singing lessons.
My middle child Florence does want to be on the stage – I will encourage her but I’m not sure she is right for the job. You need to have a cool head I think and be tough and she is quite sensitive. That’s what I think!! This link is to the promo for ‘Chronicles of the apocalypse’.
The audio drama I worked on with Simon.
My character can be heard at 2.14min and again at 4.14min Simon Neilson is a pseudonym. The name belongs to one of my friend’s mums friends. He works as a police officer and writes in his free time and has had some of his work published. When he was looking for people to read scripts for the audio drama he’d written my friends mum suggested I might be interested. I read the part of 14yr old Jasmine O’Neill in ‘Chronicles of the apocalypse.’ I emailed him the questions I wanted him to answer and he sent back replies. Hi,
Thanks for the questions. I'll do my best to answer them lol:
1 - Have you always written in your spare time and are you hoping that one day you can write full time?
I have been writing since I was 14 years of age. My History teacher sent off one of my story essays about the Roman Empire and I was hooked from that moment. I have always written and I love to read as well. I like getting lost in my own little world. To be able to write full time is my biggest dream ever and if that happened then I would be a very, very, very happy man.
2 - what made you decide to try and get your book published and why did you decide to use a pseudonym?
I've never sent off anything I have ever written, I just didn't have the confidence to do so. I met my girlfriend and she read some of my stuff and said it was really good and I decided to take the plunge and send off some of my stuff. My first novel "Kaleb" started as a Twitter story and it got picked up by a publisher and I went from there. I decided to use an alias to write under because although I want to be a successful full time writer.....I don't want to be a celebrity.
3 - you usually write books. What made you decide to write a script? Will you write another or go back to books?
I have always written books, short stories, poems and scripts. "Chronicles Of The Apocalypse" was actually a book, the guys over at Zombie Life Podcast loved it and wanted a radio drama so I suggested that this would be good for that so we decided to run with it.
Hope that's all ok :) Simon Neilson Events I’ve taken part in   Trinity Guildhall pairs drama exams – taking exams in March I am paired a boy from my theatre school class and we are reading an extract from ‘his dark materials’ stage show. I am playing ‘Lyra’ and my partner Zach is playing ‘Will’.

Big dance 2012 – danced tap and a Charleston to hip hop routine as part of a 30 minute performance in Peckham square July 2012. Performed routine 4 times over a 2hr 30min period.

Performed for Harriet Harman – Harriet Harman visited my theatre school ‘Theatre Peckham’ after we had performed in the big dance. I was chosen to perform tap and Charleston to hip hop and to sing songs from shows Billy Elliot and Mama Mia for her.

Christmas book signing event – 1st Dec ’12. Sung songs from the show ‘Newspaper boy and Origami girl’ and Christmas songs at an event at new bookstore rye books. Michael foreman was there signing copies of his new book. Also sung same set of songs at two Christmas fayres later on the same day.

Newspaper boy and Origami girl – playing Claire. 3 week run through December 2012. musical theatre production of Michael Forman’s new book.

Richard III – playing Lord Hastings. Performance with my GCSE drama group to an audience of home educating families. Work in progress. Final performance will be graded will count towards final GCSE grade.

Audio drama - playing Jasmine O’Neill. Been reading some scripts for Simon Neilson’s audio drama ‘Chronicles of the Apocalypse’ which will be aired on ‘Zombielife podcast’.

Recorded three tracks in recording studio – went with a group of 5 friends in July ’12 to a recording studio and recorded three tracks.
GCSE Drama – joined home educators GCSE drama class in Sept’12. Working on performance of Richard III. Tutor is hopeful that I will be able to take the exam in a year or two.

Entered diamond kids competition – entered 1st news diamond kids royal variety competition. Uploaded three songs but wasn’t happy with them as I had a bad cold and couldn’t control my voice. I was unfortunately not selected to perform in the next round but wasn’t expecting to be. I was pleased that my entry was viewed several times as it means I was listened to more than once. I have watched professional performers in   Richard III
Lion king
Matilda Horrible Histories Barmy Britain
West end live
Trojan horse
Panto jack
Panto cinders Professionals I have interviewed for this section.
Neil Simmons - scriptwriter
Libby Crabtree – west end performer/music teacher
Denise Leigh – soprano
Graeme Kinniburgh & James Dangerfield - actors/singers Professionals I have worked alongside recently
  Teachers at theatre school ‘Theatre Peckham’ David Christopher/Nicola Curtis- Ballet Jreena Green – Tap, Charleston to hip hop, Dance company Androulla Contantinou – singing Cerian Eiles/Jack Murray– drama  
Theatre company ‘Theatre Peckham’ and team of director scriptwriter, composer, lyricist, choreographers, movement assistants, chaperones, actors, stage manager, costume designer, theatre manager, administrator and performance students

Alison McDonald – GCSE drama

Birgit – London Russian Ballet school

Author/scriptwriter Simon Neilson on ‘Chronicles of the Apocalypse’

Dan - Producer Roundel studios WORKED ALONGSIDE Workshop
We had to mark out a sports arena on the floor with tape. We designed our own made up arena and made up an event to go on it. I didn’t enjoy it very much because there wasn’t much explaining about why we had to do it and how it was related to the exhibition we’d seen and art generally. Pursuit of perfection
The politics of sport Exhibition
South London gallery
It was a gallery of stuff based on sport
I did not like it bored me. I thought a recording of a baseball match being played through a speaker really quiet didn’t really count as art to me, neither did two girls kicking a football at each other in their living room. Panto comparison
Out of the two pantos I have seen I think my favourite was jack and the beanstalk at Fairfield halls Croydon.
This was because the casting was better I didn’t think the Cinderella was particularly well cast as she was too old for the part and overacted a lot of the time. The babes and ensemble although they were good dancers some of them didn’t look like they were enjoying themselves very much. Also although the audience interaction was good in Cinderella I didn’t think there was enough for a panto. Jack and the beanstalk was full of interaction with the audience and I felt I was involved the whole time Panto – Cinderella
Broadway theatre, catford – 7th Jan ‘13
I saw this pantomime with my friends Lilith and Ruby. My favourite scene was when the fairy godmother played by Floella Benjamin made the carriage and the ball gown. Andrew Hayden-Smith as Buttons made me laugh a lot so did the ugly stepsisters Nicole and Tulisa played by Stephen Richards and Duncan McCann.
After the show we waited at the stage door and managed to speak to Andrew Hayden-Smith, Stephen Richards and Graeme Kinniburgh and James Dangerfield who played the Prince and Dandini. Graeme and James agreed to be interviewed for
my arts award section D ‘Artists and arts organisations.’ Panto – Jack and the beanstalk
Ashcroft theatre, Croydon - 3rd Jan ‘13
A classic take on the ‘Jack and the beanstalk’. They made the most of what they had Jack was played by Sid Slone from Cbeebies so they made him sing Cbeebies songs for the king and put references in to the giants rhyme . Also there was Layla Morse who plays Mo in eastenders who the vegetable fairy. She used Eastenders references in her spells and it was very funny. There was lots of interaction with the audience and I enjoyed the story. I went to see the show with my friend Mia who is performing as a babe in a red team and was given free tickets. We saw purple team perform and she was telling me funny stories about things that have happened backstage which made it even funnier. Orestes
The final instalment of the three stories. I had enjoyed the other two so much we stayed for this show too. The slave girls brother Orestes comes to find his mother, the now evil queen Agamemnon who after hearing a prophesy decides to find and kill her son but there’s a twist, they didn’t finish off the story. Between themselves couldn’t decide the ending so they set up a site so that the public could decide the ending and then on the last night they would finish it. I really liked that because it made me want to vote and it made me want to come back and see if all their shows are like that. Trojan horse
The scoop, more London – 15th July ’12
A funny family show based on the historic story, it got every body in the audience involved through songs dances and ‘Greek waves.
I thought it was funny and enjoyed it so much I wanted to stay on for the next one. Other events Agamemnon
This was much more gruesome and not recommended for children. I really like mythology and was already familiar with the story so I persuaded my dad to let me stay for the performance. The king has returned from his long voyage and his queen is jealous as he comes back with a pretty slave girl the queen turns mad and goes to kill the king.
I thought this play was strange but I enjoyed it I love the theatre and go as often as I can. The only time I have ever seen a play that puts a horrible comedic touch into a historic play was ‘the Trojan horse’ at the scoop. But that was one whole story instead of lots of small extracts from different times. The whole ‘Horrible Histories, Barmy Britain’ production was a series of short sketches of defining moments in British history, all done in typical Horrible Histories style, that started in the time of the Vikings and went right through to more recent monarchs. I found I was laughing quite hard at many times in the play. The script was very well written and I thought that as they were the only two actors on stage they did really well to make the entire audience laugh almost all the time. When the actors came on stage and started to sing I wondered why only two actors were on the stage, but as the show progressed and they didn’t leave the stage and I realised they were the only actors in the production. This was a new thing for me as the least amount of actors I had seen before in a show was about 10, but I enjoyed it thoroughly and felt they did a marvellous job upholding all the different characters. I can appreciate how hard it would be on the stage for 1 hour singing, dancing and acting without a break. It must be difficult not to have a break to get your head round their next scene or take a drink.
The show was very funny but also filled with facts. The costumes were amazing and looked suited to the sketches. I really liked the way the actors never left the stage and had all the props and additional accessories on the stage with them. I liked this as that way the audience were kind of connected, as everyone is trying to guess which period the next sketch will be from, from the accessories the actors were putting on.  
      UNIT 1
PART C Nancy Juby Statement
Theatre Peckham, Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl
Cerian Eiles
February 2013
I have worked with Nancy, both as an acting tutor and a performer and have found her approach to her work to be consistently mature and thoughtful. Nancy undertook the role of Claire in Theatre Peckham’s Christmas show, Newspaper Boy and Origami Girl, and displayed her usual excellent level of discipline and focus in the role, working to a high standard with professional actors.
In creating the role of Claire, Nancy considerably developed her skills as a musical theatre performer, developing the character through dialogue, singing and movement. She has a good inherent understanding of how to create characters, but this production saw Nancy develop a clear character, who was very different to herself, that extended through different musical styles, adding an element of comedy into her scenes. Through this production, Nancy showed that she is able to bring a character off the page, with Claire growing ever more awful (in an entirely appropriate way) through rehearsals and performances.
With this show, Nancy was lucky enough be to given a great part, with a lot of scope for character development and a lot of fun to be had with her and the other characters she plays with. Nancy, however, is intelligent enough to realise that she could really enjoy the part and grew into it, finding nuances and twists through the run. Nancy was also able to develop key acting skills in speaking and listening on stage through this project, which, as a basic skill of acting, is one of the hardest to learn. Nancy remained alive in her scenes, responding to what other performers gave her and adapting her performance accordingly with good levels of energy and engagement throughout.
Nancy is a good performer, with a strong grounding in acting, dancing and singing; her positive and enthusiastic attitude to the work also contribute to making her a good company member, both in class and in rehearsals and performances. I look forward to seeing how Nancy develops in her further work with Theatre Peckham. My review There were two performances, the preview and the gala, that the teams were mixed for. It was announced a few days before each who would be performing. I was really pleased to be chosen to perform at both because this meant I must have been doing a good job. There were also quite a few performances that I got to cover for the other team, as someone was ill. I ended up doing 16 shows, which was great. I was especially pleased because I got to play Clare in the closing show, which is my favourite show to do after press night.

I was really sad at the end of the run. It’s a strange feeling when you are so sad and really happy at the same time. I have so much fun working on a show and getting to perform something I’ve worked so hard on, sometimes twice a day, for weeks. I love the time between shows when everyone is really happy from the early show and looking forward to the afternoon. The end of the final show is the moment you know all your work has paid off and you’ve completed the whole run. But it also makes me feel so upset because it’s all over. I always go from crying to laughing and back to crying again for a few days after, when I’m remembering all the good times and then remembering its all ended. You form really close bonds with the people you work with on a show. Not just the actors but also all the production crew, then when the shows ended you might never see those people again.

During the process I have learnt how to speak with a very posh accent. I have got to practice using twang in a real setting. We have been working on using twang in my singing class so it was great to get to use it. I have learnt so many different things from other cast and crew members.
Cerian – Breath control
Projecting from different areas of your face
Teresa - How to sing difficult songs and keep voice strong and clear
Ren - Movement.
Paul - Character development
David - Using our talents on stage
Tori (stage manager) - American accent. Tori came from Oregon USA to work on our production. I got on really well with her and spent lots of time talking with her backstage. I got to listen to the way she pronounces words and tried to reproduce the sounds. I spent a lot of time practicing my American accent at home and drove my family crazy. As rehearsals progressed I learnt the parts of Clare and also Iz from the girl gang. Later Lyla and me were asked to choose which character we preferred. I already knew I preferred Clare as she interested me. I could tell from the script that she was different and I wanted to see where her character would go. Luckily Lyla preferred Iz as she didn’t like being posh. So we never argued about characters.
Occasionally I went to rehearsals and didn’t do anything this irritated me because I feels like you are wasting your time, but I understand that I have to be there just in case they need me. When this happened it did give me and the other girl gang members a chance to work on our scripts together. In the 2nd –3rd rehearsals neither of our teams Newspaper boys turned up. As I wasn’t doing anything I stood in to help Ayishat (who plays the origami girl) to create the movement between the two characters. She really appreciated this and it was good for me as well as I could take the role of another character for a while and still remember my lines.
During later rehearsals the director recast Lyla and Thalia as Marina and Annalies friend. I was a bit worried as didn’t know what would happen and wondered if I would lose my part. I really liked playing Claire so I was hoping I would be ok. When I arrived at the next rehearsal two older girls were cast as Iz and Tasha. I was a bit nervous about working with them, as I was the smallest and youngest in the gang by a long way. Thalia and Lyla were my friends before we auditioned as we take some of the same classes but I’d never met any of the older girls before. I think they felt a bit unsure about working with me too because I am so much younger than them. As rehearsals went on it became clear that this was a good decision and we quickly became comfortable and worked really well together. Audition
At the audition there were a lot of kids auditioning for parts. We went inside and sat on the floor in front of the director she explained what we would be doing first. She passed out lyrics to the opening song ‘Buy my paper.’ I liked the song and didn’t struggle with it, as it was a repetitive tune and easy to pick up. We only learnt a few verses. Next we all found a space in the room and crouched on the floor. When we heard the music we had to make up a way to evolve out of the newspaper bag like the origami girl, who is made of newspapers. I listened to the music and tried to follow it I spun and jumped, slowly making my way to a standing position where I finished in a tie-chi/karate move. We did this a few times. Each time she gave us something else to add. In the end, though we were doing the same moves, we were each very different. I was quite excited about what we would do next. She handed out a few pages of script and I read it through in my head before she asked us to read a line each. I listened to how everyone else said their lines to see how they had interpreted the script and to give me ideas of how to read it. I was nervous about saying my line as I haven’t ever had a speaking part. After I’d said my line I felt a little better. Then we all said the same lines, one after the other, making up a movement to go with it. After this I felt much more confident and pleased with myself, as I thought I’d done quite well. She sat us on the floor and told us who had got a call back and who had not. I had a call back and was really pleased.

Call back
At the call back I noticed some people who were not at the original audition and wondered why they were there. We all sat down again and learnt more of the song ‘Buy my paper.’ It was easy and I didn’t struggle then we were introduced to one of the new people, the movement assistant Renford. He worked with us on stage fighting. This was fun and I really enjoyed it as we learnt how to fall, faint and leap without injuring ourselves. First he showed us how. Then we partnered up and I was with Thalia. We were taking turns in falling and helping each other up. We worked together really well and Renford asked us to show the rest of the kids. We were both happy about that, as we hadn’t done any stage fighting before. Next we worked on making each other do things with out talking. Thalia had to make me do something. She wanted me to take her to another shop and I couldn’t because I had too much shopping. We used eye contact and body language to communicate. I was persistent that we weren’t going and she begged and begged and in the end she won. I enjoyed this exercise a lot and liked watching what others did. It really made me think about what Thalia was trying to communicate to me and how I could communicate back and also where the scene could go. After this Teresa asked us to sit down and told us if we had a part or not. She announced who the Origami girls were and I was hoping I would be one of them but unfortunately I was not chosen. I was given a part in the girl gang. I was thrilled. It wasn’t the part I had wanted but at least I had a part. DIARY Hi my name is Nancy I am 11 years old and I love performance I started dancing when I was 3 years old and as I have grown older I have taken singing and acting classes as well I hope to one day become a theatrical performer

Every week I take nine hours of classes.
I attend classes at Theatre Peckham twice a week.

I do tap, ballet and a two hour theatre school class on Saturday afternoons and I take singing lessons and practice with my theatre schools dance company on Monday evenings.

I take drama GCSE class which is 2hrs on Thursday afternoon.

and I take an extra ballet class at the London Russian Ballet school on Wednesday mornings. Introduction Photos of the audience , certificate giving and problem solving (7th JAN)
Visit twang when we arrived at Twang we spoke to Phil about what we wanted to hire and showed him the flyer we’d designed. He agreed we could use the complete sound system including mic and stand for free, in exchange for advertising his shop. We were really pleased because he was offering much more than we had asked for. Designed posters I stayed at Lilith’s the night before so we could go early and speak to Phil together. During the evening we designed flyers advertising Twang that we can put on the seats at the event. We showed our flyer to Lilith’s parents and her dad noticed we had left out the address and phone number of the shop. We quickly added these details in the morning before we went to visit Twang. We took our design to show Phil. (6th JAN)
Twang Lilith’s aunt Michele knows someone who works in a music shop. They hire equipment and sell instruments. I have been to the recording studios there a few times and Lilith was taking drum lessons there and has used their studio.
Lilith asked Michele to phone and ask if we could go and speak to him about hiring some equipment for our event such as amps and mics. We hope he will give us a discount in exchange for advertising his shop at our event.
He has agreed we can go and have a chat. …AND FACEBOOK MESSAGES WE RECEIVED SOME OF THE EMAILS… Routines are going very well! That's OK for us - let's hope the weather clears up by then. I'm not sure if Megan has a plan for a piece to share, as she's so busy with her films & film night but we'll work on something... Erin is doing a gym routine, talk tomorrow. good i can play the beginning of sky fall i might recite a poem Talent show! Anais fancies showing some gym moves and wonders if someone would like to join her putting a short routine together..... Ruby? Perhaps a Dance/Gym routine? We can get appropriate mats for flicks, tumbles, walk overs etc Dear Lilith and Nancy, If there's still space, there are 3 (possibly more) new entrants who would like to perform in the talent show: Esther and Eve and Aaron. Aaron's brother Odin and also Ilana will be coming along but at this stage are not wanting to perform. Sorry they are so late entering - I tried to persuade the girls when you first advertised it but they were feeling shy, however, a chat with Aaron on Monday changed all that! See you then,
BW Hello Nancy, I would like to be in the talent show. I am going to do a poem, some acrobatics and probably some hand stands and head stands. I am going to be 4 3/4. love Elfreda Hi Nancy, it's Emma, Elfreda's mum. Elfreda will be doing a poem, about 1 minute long. (no acrobatics or hand/head stands!!) Can you email me what/where we are supposed to give feedback on your performance... if it is not too late, I can't find the original post and didn't have time to do it when I first read it. Many thanks, and hi to your mum, Emma Hi nancy I'm interested in the talent show I'm 9 years old my name is samara and I'm going to do a magic show I'm going to do it for 3 min
Thanks Samara (31st DEC)
Lilith thought email was great thought it was great and so I have sent it out. (20th DEC)
Several of our friend’s families met for a Christmas celebration. Although we had planned to speak to Ky on our first week back in January, she was at the party and so we took the opportunity to speak to her there and then. She thinks the talent show is a really good idea and is happy for us to use the hall. She is sure Gordon will be fine about it too if we can keep within our usual time frame. (30thDEC )
On the first free day we both had once my show had ended and Christmas was over We spoke via facetime to start organising things.
 Invitations and certificates we discussed what we needed to do first and realised that we need to invite people to perform at our event so that they know it’s happening and we have an idea of how popular our event will be. We think it’s important to get people talking about it, as word of mouth is the best way to get news out fast and get people excited. We decided we need to send an email to the google group first of all. I offered to write the invitation. Lilith offered to design certificates to give performers.
‘Talent Superstars’ name After I started writing the invitation I realised our event didn’t have a name. ‘The south London home educated children’s talent show’ seemed a bit too long and not very catchy. I facetimed Lilith, to discuss the name. We discussed names like Dynamite kids, golden girls, shooting stars and cyberman performers. We finally agreed on Talent Superstars. I have asked those wanting to perform, to email me and let me know what their act is will be, how long it is and their names and ages. I emailed the invitation to Lilith to proof read for me.   !!!! TALENT SUPERSTARS !!!!
Do you have a talent?
If so, come and show us and take part in our talent showcase. We would love as many home ed kids as possible to take part. It doesn’t matter if your talent is big or small or how long you have had the talent. So weather you can play an instrument, sing, dance, juggle, tell jokes or do something else amazing we would love to see.
The talent show is free to enter. There will be no winners or losers and all participants will take home a certificate.
It will take place on the 22nd of January at 1.30pm at the Dulwich scout centre.
If you would like to take part please contact nancyjuby@gmail.com by the 12thof January you must include
*What you are planning to do in your act.
*How long your act is. (max 3 mins)
*Names and ages of all in the act.
Get your entries in as soon as possible.
From Nancy and Lilith Experience Footsteps shows
Cheer events and competitions
Biggin hill festival
Bright sparks cabaret evening
Joseph and the amazing technicolour dreamcoat. Panto hackney
Theatre Peckham showcase
Big dance
Book signing event
Christmas fayres
Newspaper boy and Origami girl
Richard III Training so far
Jazz/tap/ballet footsteps age 3-6yrs
Cheerleading Southwark tigers 5-9yrs
Jazz/tap/musical theatre/ballet Bright Sparks 9-10yrs
Tap/ballet/singing/theatre school/Charleston-hiphop/dance company Theatre Peckham 10yrs-present
GCSE drama 11yrs-present
London Russian Ballet school 11yrs-present (recently joined)
All exams graded ‘highly commended’ James Dangerfield
His mom was a music teacher so he learnt music at a very young age. He joint a drama group at 10 years old and was auditioned for a part he got. He continued to get parts. One of his favourite roles is king Henry in Shakespeare's Henry V. I am doing Shakespeare for my drama GCSE I asked him for any advice he could give me on the subject he told me to just enjoy it even if I'm not enjoying it just pretend to. Soon you will and it will improve your performance. Graeme Kinniburgh
Was working as a singer on board a cruse ship. An actor was ill so he filled in for him and enjoyed it so much that he wanted to do more. He will be going back to blood brothers in the west end in the new year. He didn’t go to drama school and said you don’t have to go to drama school to be an actor you just have to prove that you do want to be an actor and you will put the effort in. what graeme said was ” I enjoy it. So getting paid to do something I like, I might as well do it. So I can pay the bills and have fun at the same time.” Prince and Dandini
I went to see panto Cinderella at ‘Catford Broadway theatre’. After the show we went to the stage door to try and speak to Andrew Hayden-Smith I wanted to interview him as he has done lots of different kinds of performing such as acting, presenting and voice over work. I had some questions I wanted to ask but he was in a hurry to catch his train so couldn’t stay long. He did sign autographs for us but I didn’t get to interview him. As we were talking to him other members of the cast came out and as the Prince and Dandini weren’t hurrying off they agreed to be interviewed. I’m glad I took the opportunity to interview them because they had interesting stories as well. I didn’t have any questions prepared so I just asked what I thought would be most interesting to know and recorded their answers on my ipod. I asked them how they got in to performance and what is there insparation ? Graeme Kinniburgh & James Dangerfield Amazeme
South bank centre, London
I went to ‘Amazeme’ with my mum and my friend Mia and her mum. We were expecting the book maze to be huge but it was only small. There were beanbags sofas airbeds and more so you could read one of the books from the top. They had all been donated by the public
I really liked it but wish it could have been a bit bigger as it didn’t feel like a maze.
There were so many interesting things to see and it was all really interactive. A world map made of Lego. A rainbow sandpit loads of sculptures including a huge tree made of strips of fabric. We had a great time looking at everything. There was a strange exhibit in one of the downstairs rooms that was set up like an arctic station but we couldn’t work out what it was about. and posed for photos with us. They were really nice and spoke with us about the show and what we thought. They told us about the bits they enjoy performing the most.
While we were waiting for my friends mum who had gone to the art supply shop opposite Alison came out on her way home and stopped to chat again. I told her I want to be a theatrical performer when I am older and she said she wants to audition for the part of ‘Madame Thenardier’ in ‘Les Miserables’ when it becomes available soon. I told her I would have really liked to play Cosette but now I am too tall for all my favourite child parts. She said I should accept who I am and play to that because I am brilliant and I will get parts because of who I am not by being the same as everyone else. I thought this was really good advise as I have been feeling a bit down about growing too tall for children’s parts and she made me feel much more positive.

After the show those who had stayed to meet the cast went to Starbucks nearby and discussed what we had seen. There were lots of different parts that stood out to different people including Anne Boleyn’s extra finger and the Florence Nightingale sketch, but the most popular were the Guy Fawkes quiz show and the Tyburn jig. A song about the hanging tree at Marble arch. Everyone really enjoyed the show and no one had anything bad to say about it.       The actors were amazing but I especially enjoyed the performance of Alison Fitzjohn as she put everything into her performance and made everyone feel involved. The songs were amazing and they stuck in your head because she made them fun by going over the top. She had a special touch so I remember her performance. Neil Fosters was also brilliant and he played my favourite character (an old woman) the baby farmer. He also co-wrote and directed the production.
After the show my friend’s mum asked if it was possible for some of us to meet the cast. I was really excited about his as it wasn’t expected and I love getting to meet other actors to talk to them about their performance. We were taken to a little patio garden by the stage door and the actors came out to meet us. They signed our programmes Rehearsals
In early rehearsals we were asked to set down basic movements for a scripted scene. We worked in another room and decided as a group what we would do. We started with our entrance and decided we would enter and exit from stage left. The characters we play are very different but have to work as a unit, so we needed to really show that. We worked on the way we walk Jezelle who was the boss walked in an I-don’t-care way. Tasha who is the slightly rude one walked in an I’m-so-cool way, Iz the down to earth one walked in a kind of normal way and Clare walked in an almost skipping way. As she tries to be like the others. I thought she would be trying to listen to what they were saying and trying to catch their attention.
 I liked working with Nicole who played Jezelle. It was good to have someone older than me in the girl gang, who has been in other ‘Theatre Peckham’ productions and knows what the director likes. I was happy with all her suggestions and thought that they were good for our characters. We showed Teresa what we had come up with. She liked what we’d done but wanted everything bigger and our voices louder so we went away and worked on these things. Others actors and production crew that weren’t on stage would come and help us with placement and give us their thoughts. We got on well and helped each other with lines and movement and took turns watching to see if movement was big enough. When Teresa was happy with our characters she started to teach us the song and dance for ‘newspaper suit.’ The song was written in street slang and I didn’t know what most of the words meant. It was really difficult to learn like a foreign language. Nicole was the only one who knew what any of it meant and she didn’t like it because she said know one speaks like that anymore and she felt silly. She explained the lyrics to the rest of us and it really helped. Teresa set down the choreography for the first verse and chorus we went away and practiced the song and dance. We choreographed the rest of the song gradually, while others were on stage. Another Nicole assisted with this. It did get a bit confusing with two Nicoles. She was helpful as she told us where we were going wrong. None of us liked her ideas on the dance so we had to work around this and decide as a group what to do until we found something that us, Teresa and Nicole liked. (20th JAN)
On the Sunday, 2 days before the show, it snowed really heavily and we were very worried. Gordon phoned Ky to ask if she wanted to cancel our lessons. She called me to find out if we still wanted to go ahead. We have agreed to reschedule for next week. I am glad I had already discussed this with Lilith as it was much easier to make decisions with a plan already in place. A quick call to check Lilith agreed and we were straight on with our plan to postpone. Some people were disappointed but most were expecting it and were glad it wasn’t cancelled altogether. Luckily our sponsors were fine about us needing to change to dates we used their equipment.

(22nd JAN)
This should have been the day of our event but instead it is a snow day. (19th JAN)
Snow /reschedule The week before our event it snowed heavily and was forecast for more. Lilith called me on Saturday to discuss what we would do if we had to cancel. We were worried no one would come in heavy snow, as the centre is a long way from the main road. We discussed postponing our event until the following week, as it might be dangerous to have too many cars driving up and down the steep narrow lane in icy weather, especially if they are bringing heavy equipment for their acts. The lane is not gritted as it isn’t a public rd.
We have agreed that we will need to make a decision by Monday morning to give us time to contact everyone. If this does happen Lilith be responsible for contacting our sponsors to ask if we can change the date we use their equipment and updating the facebook page and I will be responsible for contacting Ky, personally emailing all those who have said they want to perform and emailing the google group with the date change. T-shirts we thought it would be good if we were easily visible at our event so that people can find us if they need help. Lilith’s mum suggested we design t-shirts to wear on the day with our event logo on.
We worked on the design together and Lilith showed me how to print a t-shirt transfer as she has done it before. I liked the design but didn’t like the plain style so I cut mine with some sharp scissors to make it a bit more my style. Starpower 2011 Opening a new park Bermondsey carnival parade Annie tour Footsteps end of year shows Theatre Peckham
Jan 12-present (age 10-11 yrs)
Tap/ ballet/ theatre school /singing /Charleston to hip hop/young dance company  GCSE Drama
Sept ’12 –present (Age 11yrs-present)
Drama - Working on Shakespeare’s Richard III Turkish festival
Hackney empire Big dance 2012 Footsteps
Age 3-6 years old
Jazz/tap/ballet/singing in 1hr class
Footsteps end of year shows

Cheerleading Southwark tigers
Age 5-9yrs old
Cheerleading classes
Exams all graded highly commended

Bright sparks
Jan ‘11- Dec ’11 (age 9-10 yrs)
Tap/jazz/musical theatre (Jan-Dec) ballet (Apr-Dec)
Annie/Joseph/ pantomime/ fetes/ cabaret eve
Exams all highly commended
During my time at the school I successfully auditioned for parts in several professional productions. I played orphan Kate in a touring production of Annie at Fairfield halls starring Su Pollard, I was a choir girl in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor dream coat at Bromley with Keith jack and I was a pantomime babe in Cinderella at hackney empire. EXPERIENCE A selection of other art I’ve seen while out and about in London. Holborn
Painted egg Hyde park
Granite fountain Tower bridge
Olympic rings St James’ park
Growing crown Covent garden
Jack Daniels Christmas tree St Thomas’ hospital
Mosaic figures Covent garden
Lego advent calendar Tower of London
Wire lions Almost 100 Home educators came to watch me perform.
These are some reviews they sent to me and pictures of my best friends who came to see the show. hi nancy feedback on your perfomance: * I found your character totally believable * this was in part because you remained in character the whole time, this included both facial expressions and movements. There was not a time when you just stood around on stage waiting for your next line. * (I don't know the correct terminology for this point, but I think it's probably dance terminology... and I'm not really sure how to say it... but I'll try and I hope you understand) - every move you made you 'followed through'- so every kick, flick etc was not half-hearted, but seemed to be properly executed all the way through to the end of it's movement. (does that make sense? It just really stood out to me at the performance -whatever it was. If there is a correct term for what I'm struggling to describe please let me know!) Hi, Feedback: Nancy played her part wholeheartedly and developed a relationship with the audience. She appeared confidently on stage and was able to project her voice and express the character fully. Hi Nancy, "I brought my family to see the show and we all enjoyed different aspects of it. The storyline, the sets, humour and dance to the costumes and the songs, just wonderful. We particularly liked the roles of the children in the gangs and your performance was great fun as you were the oddball in the pack, standing out due to your desperate need to fit in with the social group. The acting was a delight and your delivery of lines and dance, in my opinion stood out from the crowd, you have quite a stage presence! Hi Nancy,I saw you in 'Newspaper Boy & Origami Girl at Theatre Peckham, and i thought you were very good. You always seemed confident and in-role, making good use of the stage, and lots of eye contact with the audience. Your character was very funny and you got lots of laughs. I would have liked to see you have more lines - maybe you could get someone to write a play for you starring 'Posh Girl'?I look forward to seeing you in another production soon. Others reviews Video of Event Part E Photo is of Denise performing at the London 2012 Paralympic opening ceremony 2.14 4.14
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