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Academic Misconduct Presentation

No description

Yuan Liu

on 21 July 2015

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Transcript of Academic Misconduct Presentation

You may not even know that you're plagiarizing.
Direct quotation and paraphrase are different in citation(e.g. within quotation marks, acknowledge the author in the text)

1. Learn what works
6. Space it out
What is Plagiarism
Your work,
your success
Academic Honesty
& Study Tips

Plagiarism is considered "intellectual theft".
Purposefully using someone
else's ideas or work without
proper acknowledgment is
Including turning in borrowed
or bought research papers
as your own.
Handing in the same (or substantially
the same) term paper for two courses
without your instructor's permission is
Even using your own words from your previous paper needs citation.
Think about
Tips for better study !
Don’t try to memorize the entire periodic table in one sitting.
Instead, learn a few rows every day and review each lesson before starting anything new.
7. Come together
Pick a few studious pals and
get together to review.
Come to our study nights!
Feel free to turn to your profs
TAs, cultural ambassadors and
volunteers for help.
Some people are early birds; some are night owls; some prefer to study with a pal; others need complete and total silence. Experiment to find what’s most effective for you.
3. Take initiative
Don’t think just because your professor gives you a textbook and some examples on the blackboard that you’re limited to that information.
You have a massive free search engine at your fingertips, so make use of it.
5. Make the most out of lecture
To make the time you spend in class productive and engaging, ask questions, bring the textbook and look stuff up, focus on the important practice, try to anticipate what the professor is going to say, etc.
2. Organized and concrete study plans
Use tools to become more efficient
Make detailed study plans, and also it’s pointless planning something you know you won’t have the time to do.
Don't lose heart and do better next time.
4. Understand in your own words
Get into the habit of explaining whatever it is you are studying, in your own words, so you understand your study notes.
The key to help improve your memory is to teach someone else in your own words.
Success is not a matter of getting ahead at any cost.

Success is found only in perseverance, learning from your mistakes, accepting responsibility for your actions, and in the respect of your professors, peers and yourselves.
examples of Plagiarism
"The World of Anime and Manga" course requires you to write a review of your favorite Manga.

You googled your favorite Manga, and found a well-written review article.

You copy & pasted the entire article to submit as your review.

Intentional plagiarism
Source: http://www.41717.net/d/file/2013/09/04/361bc
accidental plagiarism
At "Global Journalism" class, your assignment is to write an essay.

You partly quoted a sentence from another person but failed to finish the quotation.

'Trying to avoid the problem only makes it worse,'
Davis (2013) said,
but I also don't want to face the objections my committee members.

The quote above continues after 'said' but you didn't add quotation marks around the full quote.
self plagiarism
Again at "The World of Anime and Manga" class, your final project is to create your own manga.

You published a piece of manga on a magazine before.

You submitted this piece of work 爱as your project without the permission from professor.
this presentation as an example...
For all ideas and pictures we borrowed from online in this presentation, we give them credits by showing the links of website.
Source: http://study.com/academy/lesson/unintentional-plagiarism-definition-examples-quiz.html
successful citation

--Acacia Liang & Cecilia Liu
Source: http://www.41717.net/d/file/2013/09/04/361bc
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