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Why you should buy MineCraft.

Adrian Dorsey

on 25 May 2011

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Transcript of MineCraft

Why you want to buy it. Number 1. Because you get
to make you're
own world zombie Wow this probably took a long time. Number 2. Because you can
make your wlidest
dreams come true rrrra Number 3. You can create different objects in your crafting table, or melt things together in the furnace. Number 4. You can get different texture packs and different skins. Number 5. The monsters you will face- zombie creeper 6. 1. Uh oh. Sometimes you will
mine deeper and
deeper until.... it's
nightime. Shoot.
You may not know
but monsters spawn
underground. Come
armed! Bring a
sword and some
arrows allong with
a bow. Also bring
armor so you don't
take alot of damage. random things Ghast (Only found in Nether) 2. Weapons/Tools. 1. A sword.
A sword is used
to kill things fast. You can use your crafting table to make stuff. die 2. Pickaxe.
Use to mine
stuff faster. 3. Hoe.
Used to make
crops/bread. die 4. Bow and Arrows l Chapter 2
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