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The Cothran Chronicle

No description

Chloe The Great

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of The Cothran Chronicle

Will Mrs. Cothran Give In?
By: Sarah The Awesome
"My memory is so fuzzy"
Preparing for FCAT
Protest for Recess
Mrs. Cothran stood in the front of the room and asked "what are you all doing to prepare for the FCAT?" Or as Emily likes to say Fat Cats At Testing. Bryce raises his hand and says "I will take a short jog in the morning and hope to not get eaten by the foxes!" Small chuckles come from all over the room. In his famous "british" accent Nick shouts out, I'm going to have a breakfast version of tea and crumpets.
"OK what about you mm... Max." "I will study, study, study and will do nothing but study." "Good good!!" Mrs.Cothran says. When Mrs. Cothran asked Amanda she stated that she would just be her normal self. That concludes this article on the preparation of FCAT.
Less Recess Time. Is it safe?
Scientific research shows that going to the playground for less than 10 minutes and back to doing *ahem* totally necessary work is dangerous to our body. It can trick our brains and lead us to a troubled adulthood. Doesn't our teacher want us to have a happy life and great memories of grade school? Sign our petition at the chalkboard. Your signature counts!
Monday, March 17, 2014
Vol 1, No. 74
Why everyone is buzzing about Code-- By Chloe Evers
Spring Break-- By Chloe Evers
So, why does everyone like Code.org so much? Well, it is simple! Code is a fun website where you can learn about coding! So the question is, is Code replacing Sumdog?

Some people in our class say that Sumdog is a lot more fun than Code. But some people disagree. I have seen many people play Sumdog during computer time, but lots of people are playing on Code as well.

Code was introduced to us when the high school students came and let us play their games. Now students are raging about Code. It is a very fun way to learn coding.

Sumdog has been one of the classes favorites since as long as I can remember. But is the class looking for a new game to play? Which site do you like better?
Who is excited for spring break? I know I am. Here are some things that people from the class are doing over spring break:

"My friends are coming over on Friday the 28," Says Anu.

"I'm driving all around Florida for a week with my Dad," Says Judy Ann.

"I might go skydiving," Says Amanda.

Those are just some of the interviews I had with people. What are you going to do over spring break?
The Cothran Chronicle
By: Sophia The Awesome-Person-Who-Is-Super -Awesome-By-The-way-Did-You-know-Like-Way-Better-Than-You

Why ruin students' creativity?
Creative V.S. Crazy
Take this test to see is you are creative or psycho:)

1.) In my free time I _________.

A) Draw, Doodle, or Sketch.
B) Do cartwheels around the house
C) Do whatever comes first to mind
D) Cut up random pieces of paper

2.) I call my friends?

A) A cool name like Tophia or AW-nu.
B) Bob, Joe, or Billy
C) Their real name
D)Something that has nothing
to do with their name
Here are the stars of the week! *Note: This is only an award for something we saw you do. You all have your own talents! Okay, here we go!
Star Athlete- Bryce Werblo, because he has one several times in Zombie Apocalypse.
Star Artist- Judy Ann Hallmark, because she did an amazing job on her nets.
Star Presenter- Anu Kandamkulathy, because she did a great job presenting the D.A.R.E box.
3.) I do nothing but??

A) Think
B) Want
C) Do

4.) I love _____ most.

A) Paper and pencils
B) Quilts
C) Family
D) Phone cases
Star Student- Jackson Howard, for doing a great job on his multiplication.
Mostly A's.... then your creative!!!!!!!!!!!
Mostly B's and D's...... your crazy
Mostly C's......
your the average human being
And... Well... This is just
Invasion Of The British-- By Chloe Evers
British accents have invaded our class! I think we all agree that my accent is fine. But some peoples accents are outrageous! Not pointing fingers...

But anyway, what do you think about the accents? Here is what our fellow student Judy Ann Hallmark says:

"I think we all want to move to Canada because of _____'s accent."

We bleeped out the persons name so we wouldn't hurt feelings.
Code.org--Replacing Sumdog?
Chloe Inc.
Call (777)-777-7777
I will edit your videos for one low price!
Want your ad here?
It's simple! Just contact Sarah, Chloe, or Sophia for further details!

This can boost your business!
By: Sarah Darby


Are you annoyed that everyone is complaining? Well I know that I have heard it all. "More recess time!!!" "Its snack time" oh.... wait I said that. Any way I interviewed a few people and asked them what they think the most complained thing is about.

"Playground all the way!" is what I said

"Math is complained about a lot..." Says Chloe

"Doing work and doing FCAT " Sophia says she is stuck between the two

That was what we thought was the most complained. What do you think? And do you get annoyed when people complain?
5.) My fave tv show is?

A) A designing show
B) a cartoon
C) I don't have one
D) I have never seen a TV before

60% Rain | 77 Fahrenheit (High)|
60 Fahrenheit (Low)
Field Day
40% Rain | 74 Fahrenheit (High)|
56 Fahrenheit (Low)
10% Rain | 79 Fahrenheit (High)|
56 Fahrenheit (Low)
30% Rain | 78 Fahrenheit (High)|
51 Fahrenheit (Low)
0% Rain | 76 Fahrenheit (High)|
53 Fahrenheit (Low)
10% Rain | 81 Fahrenheit (High)|
56 Fahrenheit (Low)
10% Rain | 79 Fahrenheit (High)|
58 Fahrenheit (Low)
First Day Spring
Spring Break Starts
Scan for a secret message!
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On Your iPod, iPhone, & iPad
The Pencil Mystery--Where are all of the pencils going?
By Chloe Evers
There have been many cases of pencils going missing lately in the classroom. We do not know exactly how, but people have their suspicions.

I personally think that people are eating the pencils. That is probably why people have been absent a lot. See! I am a great detective! I just solved TWO crimes!!

But in all seriousness, I think people really are eating the pencils. Literally..maybe they are making them into pencil-ham sandwiches. I don't know.. Or maybe people from the class are feeding the pencils to their dogs! Or cats! OR FISH...

But come on guys, stop eating the pencils!
We will throw you a wonderful birthday party!
CALL: (123)-456-7892
Interior Designing and

Contact Sophia
Table 2, Desk 2,
Left Side
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