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What does cytoplasm do?

No description

Josie Nickerson

on 26 February 2015

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Transcript of What does cytoplasm do?

What does cytoplasm do?
What is cytoplasm
Clear gel-like substance found in all cells.
All cell activity occurs within the cytoplasm, including cell division.
Without it cells wouldn't function right.
It allows the cell to take up 3-dimensional space and allows organelles to move freely throughout.
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Cytoplasm offers support to the cell.
Acts as a medium for transport inside the cell.
Pulls a cell together.
without cytoplasm a cell wouldn't function right.
Made up of mostly water and salt.
Present within the cell membrane of all cell types and contains all organelles and cell parts.
Contains molecules such as enzymes which are responsible for breaking down waste and also aid in metabolic activity.
Gives cells their shape.
Helps to fill out the cell and keeps organelles in their place.
Without cytoplasm, the cell would be deflated and materials would not be able to pass easily from one organelle to another.
Aids in all respiration.
helps convert glucose into energy.
In a plant cell cytoplasm provides the support and structure for the cell.
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