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No description

2/4 CSPE

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Bullying

By 2/4 Bullying What is Bullying The End! Bullying is repeated behaviour which makes other people feel uncomfortable or threatened whether it is intended or not. Bullying in many ways, is about power. Victims feel powerless to stop it. There are four types of bullying
Emotional Types of Bullying Thank you for your time we hope you enjoyed our presentation. Would you help a younger student if she was being bullied? The word “bully” was first used in 1530 and originally applied to both genders and meant “sweetheart.” It is from the Dutch boel, meaning “lover” or “brother.” Around the seventeenth century, the term began to mean “fine fellow,” “blusterer,” and then “harasser of the weak.” Emotional Verbal bullying is manipulative and controlling. Insults may be said in an extremely sincere way.The goal is to control and manipulate. Verbal bullying occurs when someone uses language to gain power over their peers. Verbal Bullying Physical Bullying takes many forms such as hitting, tripping, slapping, stealing or damaging property.
It is one of the easier forms of bullying to detect. Physical Bullying Cycle of Bullying Video Cyber bullying Cyber Have you ever been bullied? 75% of 5th years 33% of 1st years Have you ever witnessed bullying? 36% of 5th years
81% of 1st years If yes where? 56% - School -5th 71% - School-1st
40% - Online -5th 26% - Online-1st
3% - Other -5th 3% - Other-1st Did you do anything? 13% of 5th years
51% of 1st years 14% - Parent-5th 55% - Parent-1st
9% - Teacher-5th 35% - Teacher-1st
57% - Other-5th 10% - other-1st
20% - Nobody-5th Have you ever stood up to a bully? 14% of 5th years
52% of 1st years Have you ever helped a victim of bullying? 63% of 5th years
54% of 1st years 90% of 5th years would Would you go to an older student if you were being bullied? Only 42% of 1st years would Emotional bullying is deliberately causing distress resulting in someone developing low self-esteem, avoiding situations and becoming withdrawn (quieter than usual). Survey Results Who did you go to? Cyber bullying is when a person is being abused via internet or instant messaging
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