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Nanotechnology in invisibility materials

Skyler McLenahan

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of NanoInvisibility

By Kristen Lee, Gosia Markiewicz,
Skyler McLenahan,Pranati Mondkar, Abby Ukleba Nanotechnology in
Invisibility Materials Introduction Optical Cloaking device: The Romans - created a glass cup containing nano-sized particles of gold that changed the color of whatever object was placed in it Light is often bent in nature Bending Light EX: mirages in the desert create images of the sky

Nanoinvisibility materials bend rays of light around objects, hiding the object from sight Nanoinvisibility used to only be possible in red wavelengths and on really small objects

Different types of nanomaterials and nanotechnology bigger and better opportunities
For example: new advancements will make it possible to produce larger invisibility cloaks for objects as big as buildings History The Future POTENTIAL IMPACTS! POSITIVE? The Science of Invisibility How Invisibility Works Index of Refraction Use of Nanomaterials Advancing....
MILITARY STEALTH SOCIETY Crime Terrorist attacks Undetectable on radar Paints for stealth aircrafts ie: nuclear power plants, electric pylons, govt. buildings (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr Negatives? If it got into the wrong hands... the engineering of functional systems at the molecular scale (10^-9)
Scientists manipulate particles at the nanoscale = effect of INVISIBILITY What is Nanotechnology in Invisibility? Protect soldiers from being exposed to dangers on the battlefield invisibility material contain sensors- DNA tests can be done
nanobots-fight infections in the body on their own
CATscans/MRIs and
miscroscopes can detect problems faster due to better image quality wavelengths are bent around the object, giving the object the illusion of invisibility Use of Magnetic Meta-materials Nano-magnets can power each other when activated by light regardless of its frequency Magnets can control magnetic fields AND electrical fields Invisibility cloak is designed out of these non-magnetic metamaterials Downfall:
Only works for the red wavelength (632.8 nanometers) Use of Carbon Nanotubes Used to cloak an object in complete darkness Index of refraction is almost identical to that of the surrounding air, so unabsorbed light will not scatter out of the nanotube Cloak is off Only cloaks objects for a single wavelength Cloak is on Works Cited

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Rainbow. Institute of Physics, 25 May 2012. Web. 28 Sept. 2012. <http://www.nanowerk.com/news/newsid=25373.php>. Use of Pressurized Rubber Objects can be 'invisible' to sound, vibration, or light waves Downfall: it is almost impossible to use natural materials as cloaks against ALL elastic waves The change in direction of a wave length due to a change in its speed Describes how much light will bend in a specific material Light is bent around the object, making it appear invisible Surveillance Protect buildings QUESTIONS? ? ? ? ? ? Nanotechnology has only been able to perfect invisibility to the size of a petri dish.
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