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UCSB new Student-Athlete Webinar Presentation

For incoming freshmen and transfer UCSB student-athletes Fall 2013.

Kelly Barsky

on 15 June 2016

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Transcript of UCSB new Student-Athlete Webinar Presentation

To help you learn.....
Why did my coach tell me
to watch this webinar?
Presented by Jack Rivas & Rob Antenore, Academic/Athletic Advisors
how to begin your journey at UCSB
the first steps to becoming a successful UCSB student-athlete
helpful academic tips before you even step on campus
We are your Academic/Athletic Advisors:
Register for your Fall 2015 classes
Register and learn to use our online systems:
GOLD (Academic)
Gaucho Space (Academic/ Classroom)
BARC (Billing)
Umail (University Email)
Learn university wide rules and regulations
Get familiar with campus resources and student athlete specific resources
And more ...........
* If you are considering a math or science major and are currently undeclared, declare math or science through the office of admissions now.

* Print an unofficial copy of all test scores and community college/other university transcripts. Bring them with you! (In addition, you will still need to send in official transcripts to the admissions office and follow their requests for documents.)

* Bring the AWPE (Analytical writing placement exam) score if you took the exam.

* Have your coaches' phone numbers in your phone and get a copy of your Fall training schedule.

I signed up for UCSB Orientation, now what?
UCSB Office of Admissions contact information:
Phone #(805) 893-2881
2015 Freshman Orientation Session Dates:

Thursday - Friday, June 25-26
Monday - Tuesday, June 29-30
Monday - Tuesday, July 6-7
Thursday - Friday, July 9-10
Monday - Tuesday, July 13-14
Thursday - Friday, July 16-17
Monday - Tuesday, July 20-21
Thursday - Friday, July 23-24
Monday - Tuesday, July 27-28
Thursday - Friday, July 30-31
Monday - Tuesday, August 3-4
Thursday - Friday, August 6-7

2015 Transfer Orientation
Session Dates:

Monday, August 10
Tuesday, August 11
Thursday, August 13
Friday, August 14

We want you to achieve your academic & athletic goals while at UCSB! Academic success involves planning and taking a proactive approach to your academic experience. While at orientation.....

*Listen to the academic advising sessions closely.

*Freshmen: At 2pm on day 1, attend the ICA (intercollegiate athletics) breakout session with Jack/Rob. Transfers: Beginning at 8:30am meet with Jack/Rob.

*As you begin to prepare to enroll in your Fall classes think about not only the classes in which you are interested but also what your day will look like: when will you eat, time needed before/after practice, study time, etc.
A few highlights
Scheduling Courses
1.) Know the AP, IB, CC or other university courses in which you will receive credit and/or course equivalency at UCSB. This is important to prevent duplication and in some cases satisfy necessary prerequisites.

2.) Know if you have satisfied the entry level writing requirement, have taken the AWPE or need to take the AWPE offered September 21, 2015 at 8am in Campbell Hall. If you need to take the AWPE enroll online:

3.) Enroll in no more than 13 units during the Fall 2015 quarter. (You can enroll in a total of 1 unit for intercollegiate participation: .5 unit for your sport, ES 1 - ?? and
.5 unit for weights, ES 1 - 43D).

4.) Give consideration to when you will be "in season" or traveling for your sport. We suggest you do not take a writing or language class during the quarter(s) in which you will travel.

5.) Economics 1 & 2, Psychology 1, Communication 1 are courses that are recommended for potential majors to take after at least one quarter of enrollment. Think about this recommendation as well as your "in season" travel quarter(s).

6.) Understand the sequential nature of the necessary classes for science, mathematics and fine arts/performance majors.

6.) Do expect your first quarter of enrollment to be a huge transition time.

We will discuss......
Time to degree,
Academic planning,
The student-athlete balance,
NCAA considerations,
And more + + + + +
A few NCAA Considerations
For Freshmen:

For Transfers:

Understand university & NCAA requirements can be different.
(For example, let's discuss time to degree.)
-Enrollment in 12 units
per quarter

-Must complete a minimum of 6 units per quarter

-Must complete a minimum 27 units during the academic year and 36 prior to the start of the Fall season (for Fall sports) or Fall quarter.

-Must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
-Enrollment in 12 units
per quarter

-Must complete a minimum of 6 units per quarter

-Must complete a minimum of 27 units during the academic year and meet NCAA percentage towards degree standards
(40% entering 3rd year, 60% entering 4th year, 80% entering 5th year)

-Must maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA
Be proactive to ask questions and use resources!

College of Letters & Science: Jack Rivas and Rob Antenore

College of Engineering: http://engineering.ucsb.edu/

College of Creative Studies: http://www.ccs.ucsb.edu/

ICA Student Services/Compliance: David Campbell and Sean Strauch

DSP, Disabled Student Services: http://dsp.sa.ucsb.edu/

CLAS, Campus Learning Assistance Service: http://clas.sa.ucsb.edu/

Student Health: https://studenthealth.sa.ucsb.edu/

CAPS, Counseling & Psychological Services: http://caps.sa.ucsb.edu/

EOP, Educational Opportunity Program: http://eop.sa.ucsb.edu/

Academic Department Directory, Department Information (L&S):

UCSB General Catalog: http://my.sa.ucsb.edu/catalog/current/Index.aspx

Your academic experience and GPA start now!
AA Submitted
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