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Buy Fresh Buy Local Southern WI - Connecting Restaurants, Farmers, and Consumers

Learn about REAP Food Group's community-based, farm-to-restaurant program, Buy Fresh Buy Local.

Theresa Feiner

on 25 April 2014

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Transcript of Buy Fresh Buy Local Southern WI - Connecting Restaurants, Farmers, and Consumers

By Theresa Feiner
Buy Fresh Buy Local
Program Manager

What is Buy Fresh Buy Local?
Connecting Restaurants,
Farmers, and Consumers

Non-profit organization based in Madison, Wisconsin
"Nourish the links between land and table."
Three major programs: Farm to School, Southern WI Farm Fresh Atlas, and Buy Fresh Buy Local
Facilitates relationships between farmers, chefs, and local food businesses
Helps diners find great places to eat local food through community events and publications
Began in 2006
Goal: Grow the market for local foods
Funded by Buy Local Buy Wisconsin and SARE
Chapter of national Food Routes Network
Began with 7 initial partners
Facilitate relationships between chefs and farmers
1-2 inquiries per week from chefs looking for products
Call & research vendors, give chefs a few options, and follow up to see how it is working
2-3 farmers per month looking to wholesale to chefs
e.g. Snug Haven Farm and
Monty's Blue Plate Diner, Winter Spinach

e.g. Bunky's and Gardens to Be, Butternut Squash
Lisa Jacobson, owner of Mermaid Cafe, and Josh Engel, owner of Driftless Organics
2010 to 2012
Added and expanded community events
Worked on partner retention
Expanded scope to include grocers and hospitals

Today we have:
40 Restaurant Partners
2 Retail Grocery Partners
4 Health Care Partners
Growing the program
Added 20 new partners
Focus groups with initial partners and farmers
Connecting farmers & chefs
Time of trial and error
Speed dating
Database - online resources
One-on-one consultation works best
Dreamfarm outside of Cross Plains
Program Partners
Initial consultation
Review current sourcing and future goals
Overview of program
What are their needs?
Are they ready and able to commit?
Restaurant Requirements
$300 annual fee
Participate 2 activities
Lessons Learned
Future Goals
Continue to explore Farm to Healthcare
Expand geographic scope of program
Add 5-7 new partners for 2013
Minority owned restaurants
Food Carts?
Community Events
Showcase farmer-chef relationships to community and member base
Over 8,000 individuals attend events each year
Events include:
Member Party, January 27
Spring Gala, April 28
Burgers & Brew, June 1
Food for Thought, Sep. 21
Pie Palooza, November 3
Local Harvest, TBD
$200 annual partner fee
Business pledge
Use the marketing toolkit
Access to events
Do not often need our assistance
Two partners currently:
Program Partners
$200 annual partner fee
Healthcare pledge
Use the marketing toolkit
Three major Madison hospitals and one hospice care facility
Farm to Health Committee exploring options
Until this year, has been more symbolic
Program Partners
Farmers' Market Cafe
Opening April 2013
My Smart Choice guidelines
Sourcing meats, dairy, and seasonal produce locally
Quality, not quantity
Prompt communication required
Able to commit
Must be willing to use BFBL branding
Report vendor and $ amount by category
$ of total food purchases
What else are they looking for?
Are they improving year to year?
Chefs who put more effort, get more out of it
"Establishing relationships with local farmers and being able to directly interact with them has given us the ability to get the exact products we want, in turn increasing our purchasing from them."

-Chef Andrew Wilson, The Madison Club
Burgers & Brew
Food for Thought Festival
Food for Thought Festival
Menu Example
Farm Fresh Atlas
Window Cling Examples
Future of Branding?
WI Cheese Video
Burgers & Brew
Began in 2006
Pairs local brewers, chefs, and farmers
Fun and educational
$30/ticket; gets you 3 burgers and 3 pours
Burgers & Brew
16 stations in 2013
Chefs are reimbursed for local ingredients
Brewers are given a stipend
Seniority and waiting list
Raised $26,500 last year; projecting $30,000 for 2013
1,200 attendees last year; projecting 1,400 for 2013
Burgers & Brew
In-kind and Media
Central Waters Brewing, Brasserie V's Rob Grisham, and Fountain Prairie Farm
Thank you!
Theresa Feiner
BFBL Program Manager
In-kind sponsors
Capital Brewery
Wisconsin Cheese
The Onion
Bob's Copy Shop
Sustainable Times
Local media support
15 t.v., radio, and newspaper in 2012
Wisconsin Foodie segment this Fall boosted interest
Began in 2011
Intimate, formal, table side dinner
8 BFBL Chefs
Each prepares a 5 course meal for 12 guests
Celebration of local food and creativity
Spring Gala
$150/individual ticket
Difficult to sell first two years
$2,500 for 12 seats and choice of chef
$1,500 for 6 seats
Currently 5/8 tables sold to sponsors
Sponsors and Ticketing
This year will be REAP's 15th!
Estimated 5,000 attendees
Over 40 booths
Cooking demos,
Kids activities
Food Camp
And the Local Food Tent!
Local Food Tent
Serve locally sourced breakfast and lunch items
6 BFBL chefs cook on site
Offer food stipend
Bakery items donated
Raised $3,500 in 2012
Branding with the BFBL Logo
Harvest Restaurant
Marigold Kitchen
Madison Sourdough
Wallet Cards
Coupon Book
Partners receive graphics CD and guidelines upon joining
Can use in advertising, menus, signage, etc.
Benefits beyond consulting
Need to build brand capacity
Increase consumer recognition
Group advertising
Promotional items
Pens, buttons, etc.
Annual Partner Evaluation
Pilot Era
Building Capacity
2010 to Present
Tory Miller, L'Etoile,
Burgers & Brew 2010
Restaurant Application Process
Program Partners
Program Partners
Children's Hospital
Program Partners
Program Partners
Dan Fox, formerly of The Madison Club
Program Successes
Seeing continual growth in market and demand is only increasing
2007: $760K
2008: $1.07M
2009: $1.08M
2010: $1.85M
2011: $2.5M
2012: Estimating $3M
Generously underwritten by Heartland Credit Union
Raises about $3,000 for the program
2013 will be 4th Annual
Bucky Book Model
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