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Alondra Mueggenberg

on 11 March 2014

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Transcript of AUSTRALIA

Australia's Flag:
The star on the left side stands for the 5 states and 2 territories Australia holds. Britain's flag is in the top left corner. On the right of the flag is the Southern Cross, a group of stars.
Australia's History
The first people to occupy Australia in 40,000 BC were called Aborigines.

Gold was first discovered in 1851, resulting in a gold rush that lead to a giant mining industry.

National Holiday Anzac Day dealt with when Australia and New Zealand attacked Turkey (April 25th, 1915)


Australia is very big, twice the size of India and just smaller than the lower 48 states of the USA. Although it is big, it's population is surprisingly small.
There is an area in Australia called the
Outbacks, where it is the hottest and
dryest. Excluding this, it has tropical forests and
and rich farmland.
Australians speak a different form of English called Aussie. It's basically English, except they change and shorten words.
Sunnies (Sunglasses)
Tellie (Television)
Biscuit (Cookie)

In Australia, they eat foods like meat, potatoes, and pasta, typical USA meals. They eat a lot of fish and chips, which are french fries often wrapped in newspapers.

The only difference is that they eat a lot of vegemite. Vegemite is a salty, brown paste. It is like our peanut butter or nutella, it's eaten on bread for any meal.
What's the first animal that comes in mind when you hear Australia?
Kangaroos maybe?
There are more kangaroos in Australia than people! Kangaroos aren't the only animal they have. They have emu, white sharks, crocodiles, and the world's poisonous snakes!

Australians love to play sports, and some can be different than the sports that we play. The national sport they play is called cricket, which is kind of like baseball. They often play rugby, which is like American-football. Netball is a sport that is popularly played by girls, it's like basketball but without the dribbling.
Australia's currency is simply called "Australian Dollar."
The two pictures below show the bills and coins.
To conclude this prezi, here is Australia's National Anthem:
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