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Writing Direct Comparisons

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Matthew Markstone

on 1 April 2015

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Transcript of Writing Direct Comparisons

Writing Direct Comparisons
What is a direct comparison?
So, you're writing a comparison essay...
A statement in which two or more regions, civilizations or countries are explicitly compared.
The statement must be thoughtful and can NOT be anything that would be obvious from the question.
If the question states: Analyze the goals of the revolutions in Mexico and Russia during the early 1900s.
Would this count as a direct comparison?
Although both Mexico and Russia underwent political revolutions during the early 1900s, they had different goals.
Hell No!!!
That last example was not acceptable, as it didn't introduce any information that was not in the question.

However, the format was okay.
Copy this format:

Although both
Region 1
Region 2
Region 1
Region 2
Since you need to address both similarities and differences,
provide evidence for each,
and have a limited amount of time (40 minutes) to write...
It would be best to structure your essay in a way that will score you the most points possible with the least amount of writing.
That's where the "direct comparison" comes in.
A direct comparison will give you both a similarity and a difference in the same sentence, and your evidence points can be eared while explaining the similarity and difference.
...about 2 civilizations/regions and must include 3 of the "SPICE" categories... How do you do it?
From the rubric...
4. Makes at least two relevant, DIRECT comparisons between or among societies.

5. Analyzes at least one reason for a similarity and one reason for a difference in a DIRECT comparison
Now it's your turn...
You can use them as your topic sentences!
Write three direct comparisons for the civilizations you chose in your early civilizations essay...
Pick 3 of the SPICE categories you want to use, then follow the format you copied. It may need to be altered a bit in order to make it work...
Good luck.
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