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Lesson 1 - Search For Truth 2

No description

Rene Rubio

on 11 April 2016

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Transcript of Lesson 1 - Search For Truth 2

Search For Truth
Lesson 1
Main Idea
In these days of uncertainty and confusion, it is comforting to know that our confidence rests upon the very words spoken by God—the Bible!
In which ways did God reveal His will to man before the written Word? a. oral communication b. creation c. conscience d. all of these
The Old Testament is divided into _______ sections.
a. five b. three c. seven d. twelve

Although the Old Testament was written by thirty-two different writers, there is perfect harmony and unity because there was just one ________________.
a. copy b. Author c. scribe d. scroll
Number the steps in correct order:
____ Scribes copied the law for succeeding generations.
____ The first written Word was handed from God to Moses on stone tablets.
____ The first Bible printed in 1488 placed the Word in our hands.
____ The law was rehearsed orally every seven years to the entire nation of Israel.
____ The law was preserved in the ark of the covenant.

1. There is complete harmony and agreement among Old Testament books.
2. The Scriptures have been proven to be authentic and accurate in these fields of learning: Science, Medicine, History, Archeology, Dead Sea Scrolls.
3. The greatest proof that the Bible is indeed a divine Book, inspired of God and without error, is the fulfillment of prophecy, both in Bible times and our present day.
4. We can place full confidence and trust in the Bible as the foundation for building our lives. We can be sure the Bible is true!
God’s first written Word was given to ______ on stone tablets.
a. Jesus b. Noah c. Moses d. Adam
When completing this lesson, students should be aware of the following concepts:
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