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Macbeth Song Project

No description

Cameron Pigeon

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Macbeth Song Project

Macbeth Song Project
Lady Macbeth

Sleepwalking- Bring Me The Horizon (Sempiternal)


Red In Tooth and Claw- Memphis May Fire (Challenger)

Macduff was a very courageous and valiant fighter. He receives glory from the people after he kills Macbeth, freeing them from his tyranny.
Lady Macduff

The Unfaithful- Memphis May Fire (The Hollow)

You're Gonna Go Far, Kid - The Offspring (Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace)
The Witches

Works Cited
Glory and Gore- Lorde (Pure Heroine)
Somebody That I Used to Know- Gotye feat. Kimbra (Making Mirrors)
Legacy- Memphis May Fire (Challenger)
On Top Of The World- Imagine Dragons (Night Visions)
By Ashlee Nowell, Allison Smith, and Cameron Pigeon
This song best fit Macbeth because he was a very ambitious character throughout the story and the lyrics in the song tell you about how he really got to where he was, by betraying others and telling lies.
This song best represents Lady Macbeth because in the beginning she is cold hearted, but by the end of the story she becomes filled with guilt and eventually it drives her crazy, which leads to her suicide.
It's like Duncan is talking to Macbeth in this song. He tells him how sad and angry he is that he betrayed his trust and how he regrets even trusting him in the first place.
This song works for Lady Macduff because it is like she is talking to Macduff, telling him that even though he was scared for his life, he should have told her what was going on because she was there to listen.
Banquo and Macbeth become distant soon after the witches predictions and Duncan's death. Banquo saw through Macbeth easily, and Macbeth turned his back on him, and Banquo gets killed for being suspicious. This song represents Banquo being betrayed by his once best friend.
This song makes it seem asough the witches are talking directly to Macbeth about the future. They tell him these prophecies which increases his ambition.
Macbeth: “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid.”
The Offspring
. Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.

Lady Macbeth: “Sleepwalking.”
Bring Me The Horizon
. Sempiternal.

Duncan: “Red In Tooth and Claw.”
Memphis May Fire
. Challenger.

Macduff: “Glory and Gore.”
. Pure Heroine.

Lady Macduff: “The Unfaithful.”
Memphis May Fire
. The Hollow.

Banquo: “Somebody That I Used To Know.”
Gotye feat. Kimbra
. Making Mirrors.

The Witches: “Legacy.”
Memphis May Fire
. Challenger.

Malcolm: “On Top of The World,”
Imagine Dragons
. Night Visions.

Malcolm was silent character throughout the whole play, and he only comes out in the end. His final little speech at the very end was one made with happiness and this song's lyrics and beat portray that clearly.
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