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Text Analysis: Jackie and Me by Dan Gutman

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Vivek Kandhari

on 13 October 2014

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Transcript of Text Analysis: Jackie and Me by Dan Gutman

Exposition – During the exposition the author tells us that the protagonist, Joe Stoshack has a special power so he could travel through time using baseball cards.

Rising Action – During the rising action Joe goes back in time using a baseball card so he can write a report on Jackie Robinson. He lives with Jackie and works as bat boy for him.
Climax – The climax is when Ant tries to kill Joe because Ant does not like him. Joe does not fight back and instead barely escapes and makes it home. This helps Joe learn to control his temper .
Resolution: They win the game because of Joe and everyone is proud of Joe.
Characters: the main characters are Joe Stoshack and Ant. Joe is the protagonist and Ant is the antagonist.
Falling action – Joe has his own baseball game and he uses what he learned from his earlier experiences not to attack or be angry when a boy named Fuller makes fun of him.
Text Analysis: Jackie and Me by Dan Gutman
Conflict: The external conflict is character vs. character because Ant tried to get rid of Joe Stoshack. There is also an internal conflict which is character vs. self because Joe has to learn to control his temper and in the end, he learns how to do so.
Point of View: The point of view was first person because Joe tells this story from his point of view.
Setting: Brooklyn, New York during 1947
Theme: The realistic fiction book called Jackie and Me by Dan Gutman is about how people treat Jackie and Joe and the fact that they do not treat people badly back reveals that if you treat people kindly, they will eventually treat you kindly back.
Interactions between elements in the story
The theme interacts with the conflict because if people did not treat Joe and Jackie badly, then they would not be able to treat people kindly back.The characters interact with the plot because if there was no characters, there would be no way to make a plot. The setting interacts with the conflict because this conflict was only present in 1947. This is some of the ways elements of a story interact.
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