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Ancient Egyptian Priests

No description

jackk mcfaddenn

on 24 February 2011

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Transcript of Ancient Egyptian Priests

Ancient EgyptianPriests What were their duties? The duties of the Ancient Egyptian priest was very important in Egyptian Society. The Egyptians had the beleif that gods lived within temples. The only people who were allowed into these temples however were the priests. The priests job was to serve the God and make sure all of the God's needs were looked after. What did people expect of them? The Ancient Egyptian people did not have very much to do with the priests, however the priests were expected to serve the God's needs. What rules did they have to keep? The priests had a number of rules they had to follow when on duty. They were only allowed to wear linen clothes or other clothes derived from plants. They also had to maintain a hair free state all over there body. In addition to these rules thay had to practice sexual abstinence and had to take cold water baths a number of times a day. The Religion of Ancient Egyptians This image is an Ancient Egyptian image which depicts the god Anubis mummifying a pharoah. This shows the mummification component of the Ancient Egyptians Religion. The Ancient Egyptians beleived in mummification to preserve the body of the deceased to allow a place for them to dwell in the Afterlife. The Ancient Egyptians beleived the soul of the person was sent to the underworld after there life on Earth had finished. What Happens After Death? The Ancient Egyptians were famous for their beleifs of what occurs in the Afterlife. They mummified their dead to allow their body to be safe on the Earth so they had a safe journey to the Underworld. Once mummified, the deceased person was then buried in a tomb, or a pyramid, with important or expensive items of theirs, a spell to protect the tomb and body on the journey to the Underworld and scripts that would help guide the person to the Underworld, known as the "Book of the Dead."
The Egyptians beleive that the spirit would travel across a large river and then through a gate guarded by monsters. Once past this they ventured on into "The Hall Of Two Truths." Here there heart was measured against a feather, which symbloised purity and truth. If the heart was lighter than the feather it would be deemed truthful and without deceit and would be let into join the Gods. If the heart was heavier it would be eaten by a monster, and he persons life would diminish.
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