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Building Shared Services at RR Communications

No description

Annika Chan

on 27 February 2014

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Transcript of Building Shared Services at RR Communications

Building Shared Services at RR Communications
A centralized system delivers new competitive products, value and a faster customer service. Vince Patton fired the four divisional CIOs because they tried to sabotage the implementation. The DIOs believed that the centralized IT system would increase the bureaucracy and it would take away their powers.
Single Customer Service Center

1. Eliminate the duplication, minimize redundancy, expedite credit approval or collection, delivery value for less costs
2. Reduce complexity, achieves simplification, ensures service quality, accuracy and consistency
3. Improve operational effectiveness and efficiency, increase flexibility
4. Information sharing, provide insight for management analysis, decision-making
5. Maintain customer satisfaction and increase retention rate
6. Reallocated excess resources and capacities

Is it possible to achieve an enterprise vision with a decentralized IT function?

Decentralization is defined as, “the degree to which decision making authority is pushed down to lower levels of the firm” (Schilling, 2008).”

1. Strong goals
2. Mission Statement
3. Strategy and Ideology
4. Effective and Strong Communication

Implementation Strategy
1. Addressing the current situation

2. Focusing on each division’s needs and expectations

3. Measuring the outcome and RIO

4. Assessing current technology

5. Delegating the supportive committees, adopting rolling budget

6. Setting up the governance mechanism

Governance Mechanisms
1. Create a partnership between the business and IT
2. Identify roles and responsibilities in general
3. IT in charge to advise business of technical matters
4. IT will implement technology and present this data to the departments
5. Assign a data owner
6. Share Customer Service Enterprise level
7. SLA and metrics Individual
Problems of Lacking IM Strategy
What business and IT problems can be caused by lack of common information and an enterprise IM strategy?

- Loss of company values
- A weak control
- The organization would have a absence of formality.
- Limited or no access to formal information

BMIS 6350-01

Annika Chan
Ana Gutierrez
Homero Botello

Thank You
7 Metrics to Watch for Call Center Success
Effective communication is the key
What would Vince do to make it happen?
1. FirstCall Resolution
2. Service Level/ Response Time
3. Adherence to Schedule
4. Forecasting Accuracy
5. Self Service Accessibility
6. Contact Quality
7. Customer Satisfaction

Main lines of business: Internet, mobile, land line, and cable TV service.

No central IT system, each line of business had their own sales system, databases, and customer service center.

VP: Vince Patton created one enterprise IT organization to provide simplification and standardization to the company.

Redesigned the company’s internal computer infrastructure, centralized the purchasing budget, created an enterprise architecture, established a standardized desktop and infrastructure, and put tools, metrics, and policies in place.

Next plan is to set up a single customer service center that shares common data within the company.

Seeds, D., & Khade, A. S. (2008).
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