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A (Girl's) Guide

Vivienne Liu

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Netflix

by Vivienne Liu Netflix: A (Girl's) Guide Here's Where We Begin Have you ever wondered what to do with your free time? "Hey, do you have Netflix? You should really watch this show it's sooo good!" Okay, maybe you haven't heard this yet. You will. I promise. Congratulations! You've reached your first ever Netflix obsession! Take a deep breath. No worries, I assure you this is completely normal. Don't feel ashamed; most people go through this. Here's My First: Gossip Girl Who could resist right? Among Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, and a very dreamy Chace Crawford, nothing could possibly go wrong with this. Here's to friends, the internet, and free time Omg did you watch that episode??! Recovery Surprising right?
Most people think it lasts for months, but in reality, it doesn't (or shouldn't) take a person more than 3 days to realize this is unhealthy A Happy Ending If you learned anything, it's that Netflix wastes your time. So you tell yourself, "It's time to study! Get back on the efficient and determined horse that was my life before Netflix!" So pat yourself on the back; you made it through safely! Time to move on with the rest of your life... but then again... There's always that next vacation... and you know what that means... here we go again! Maybe you wanted to start a new book or take up a new hobby? Here's the reality of the situation:
You've just subscribed to Netflix.
Prepare to lose sleep. First step This is how it all starts:
Your friend asks you to check out a show, and being the great, supportive person I know you are, you have no choice but to give it a try

I mean, what could go wrong? "Sure thing! I'll watch the first episode of the first season tonight." Cue:
many sleepless nights
deep pockets under your eyes
the realization that you've started to call it the 'Flix, because you're that cool Perks of Netflix:
$7.99 a month
a 30-day free trial (that I totally didn't abuse for 3 months...?)
every tv show you ever wanted to see ever.EVER. (the movies suck)
everyone uses it so it I HAVE to get it. right? RIGHT?!
you can connect any device with your account- get that microsoft Z tablet out and hook it up to your wii500 (not really what even is that)
it has anything your little heart desires (in my opinion anyways) So what to do now? Indulge yaself;
live in the moment. Step 1: pick your favorite couple of season 1 (Dan and Serena duh!)
Step 2: pick your favorite scene in season 1 (Cotillion Ball. apologize. gold dress. nuff said)
Step 3: Pick a villain. (I actually hated everyone but serena and dan... woops)
Step 4: Cry. Laugh. Cry. Breathe.
Step 5: Start Season 2. Repeat steps 1-4 for as many seasons as possible. bringing the obsession outside of netflix... Where can I find that dress Serena was wearing?! I can't believe Blair did that.. classic Queen B... Your Youtube search bar: serena and dan first kiss
blair and chuck
GG1x23 blair i love you with the champagne dorota 72 hours later... Time to give Netflix a rest (I know, it's hard) Schoolwork time! And we've reached a fork in the road... Why said fork in the road? Because you have a decision to make. "I love Netflix so much, but it's time for me to take a break for the next few months. It'll be hard but, it's for the best" OR "Look at that, Netflix has already suggested me a new show to watch! Thanks Netflix!!" Maybe you're wondering what I chose.

Well I don't know about you but I've always believed
three lefts make a right! Right: Left: aaaand off we go! Now Boys, I Know What You've Been Thinking "Ew I hate girl shows." "Blake Lively's a dime that's all I see" "Where's my manly manhood manliness?" No worries; there's plenty for you too. Louis C.K. But more for us! (Don't worry; no one's judging you if you like any of these!
seriously...just come out and say it...we hate liars) (and yes I did watch every single one of these shows..but that's it! ..maybe) Now what? After a couple months, you've exhausted every aspect of obsession.
Episode after episode after episode (helloooo 10 second automatic start option), every plot line, character, and all the hot guys' names are mixed up in your brain. You may have a relapse or two, but nothing will be as severe as Obsession #1 minus a few tears and your broken, but mended, heart
(after Blair and Chuck broke up, that is) Sadly instead of presents and money, you get the pity of others, a constant head-eye ache thing, and bad grades. (please do not say YOLO) Disclaimer: this process may not work with every show on Netflix Your internet history: gossipgirlxoxo.tumblr.com
blake lively
how to be blake lively
blake lively hair But you're not out yet... Yeah I love this show
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