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Games, an Idea

A call for participation in a multi-agency game.

Georgina Goodlander

on 16 July 2009

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Transcript of Games, an Idea

Games The Smithsonian American Art Museum did a game.
It was an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) titled
Ghosts of a Chance. We think it went quite well. We
think the freedom given to the game designers by the museum was revolutionary. We are thinking about what the next step might be. We're Lonely! We cannot do this alone. Part of the success of the first game
was because it was new, it was exciting, and people couldn't
believe that the Smithsonian would do such a thing. We no longer
have that hook (and we've used up the bodybuilder card!).

The next game(s) can and SHOULD be run from a multiple-institution
perspective. We're interested in doing something and we're
looking for like-minded institutions to partner with. Whether you're
a museum, a library, a historic site, a science center, an archive,
a park, or whatever, we think there are connections to be
made and communities to be built through gaming. Are you in? What's next? We're not quite sure! John Maccabee with CityMystery
and the guys from antiboredom (the brains behind Ghosts of a Chance) have a proposal for a game engine and concept that we
think could be wonderful. It is designed around the idea of a
multiple-institution game, and allows for each partner to design mission-based experiences that connect directly to their own visions/objectives/collections/problems/specialties/etc.
They also propose that this platform would interact with all the
spaces where the players already ARE, from YouTube and
Twitter to texting and geo-locating. This was the game: http://www.GhostsofaChance.com (game archive)
http://www.archimuse.com/mw2009/papers/goodlander/goodlander.html (Paper) Who am I? I am Georgina Bath Goodlander, Interpretive Programs
Manager for the Luce Foundation Center at the
American Art Museum. I was lucky enough to be the
project manager for Ghosts of a Chance, and now I
am trying to kick-start the next game experience.

I tweet: @bathlander Why should you care? It's not just about games. The boundaries between
experiences in the real world and in virtual ones are
breaking down. An ARG speaks directly to this as it
facilitates interactions between players using all of
the tools that they are using anyway. It gets people
connecting, building, sharing, and discovering.
This is how people are operating in their daily lives
and we need to get IN on it.
If so, Get in Touch! Contact me on Twitter (@bathlander) or on e-mail (GoodlanderG@si.edu)
for more info, or just to let me know you WANT IN! Image courtesy konamouse This is me
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