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Rainforests In Pakistan!!

No description

Samreen Raja

on 13 June 2015

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Transcript of Rainforests In Pakistan!!

So many of the choices we make throughout the days when we're shopping, eating, or even driving are powered by deforestation. Trees are cut and burned down for a number of reasons. Forests are logged to supply timber for wood and paper products, and to clear land for crops, cattle, and housing. Other causes of deforestation include mining and oil exploitation, urbanization, acid rain and wildfires.One easy way to take action is to plant a tree...but you can take it one step further by making sure the
choices you make at home, at school, or even at the
store don't contribute to the problem.Here's what
you can do about deforestation:
Before deforestation started there were many more rainforests than there are now and no polluted air or fast disappearing trees until people were in need of cutting down,burning and clearing land for money and to make homes, buildings, highways, roads and shopping centers.
Pakistan's Fast Disappearing
We need trees for so many reasons, here's how to keep them around:
1. Plant a tree
2. Don't waste paper
3. Recycle and buy recycled products
4.Eat vegetarian meals as often
as possible.
Before The Issue Occurred:
When The Issue Occurred:
when people were in need and starting to continuing this, animals were losing their habitats, and more animals populations started disappearing at an alarming rate.The top five countries with the highest deforestation rates in the world are; Nigeria-36%, Philippines-32%, Benin-31%, Indonesia-26% and Nepal-25%.This also causes pollution as many trees are being cut down with machines,it is also making the earth look dirty.
Only cut down trees and clear rainforests if you really need to, people who do that as a job or are farmers should work together.So a group of farmers only clear one rainforest and each farmer can share money equally.
Also stop littering, and try to save species that last their homes, for example a zoo can take care of them with the other animals.
Another thing is not to use a so much paper because the more paper we use the more trees we will need to cut down.It's better if we use whiteboards and chalkboards instead.
What We Need To do:
What Happened After Deforestation:
After deforestation many animals lost their homes and are dying.They cannot find food and don't have a place to shelter.Many birds are also losing their homes by the cutting down of trees.They cannot find food and are getting extinct.
Deforestation is also making breathing harder for us.Many people are getting sick because of this.When we need trees, like to take mini shelter when it's raining outside,we cannot find them,
they are off to the side.Trees also make places look prettier, with lesser trees, places don't look as pretty when they are with trees.deforestation is making life harder for all of us.

Inquiry Questions
Q.1. What are some of the leading causes of deforestation?
Ans.People are clearing land to grow crops. There are no laws to prevent people from entering forests and cutting down trees, people who need wood for fuel also cause deforestation.
Q.2. What are some solutions to rainforest destruction?
Ans. The world's rainforests are currently being destroyed, here are some ways to take action: 1; Plant a tree,2; Use less paper,3; Recycle and buy recycle products,4; To eat vegetarian meals as often as possible.
Q.3. How might rainforests affect the earth's climate?
Ans. Trees in the rainforest help control temperatures and weather patterns by taking the carbon dioxide from the air and giving us oxygen to breathe.
Q.4. What products do we use in our daily life that originate in rainforests?
Ans. Rainforests provide us with valuable resources.For example;timber, wood pulp for paper, fireworks, medicines,
fibers and fruits.Food such as chocolate, coffee and
bananas all come from rainforests.
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