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Cole Hennen

the nuer peoples

Susan Baker

on 9 May 2018

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Transcript of Cole Hennen

Cole Hennen
The Nuer tribe- everything you need to know!
Most of the Nuer live in South Sudan, with a small population in Ethiopia
Cultural factors
Cows are prized and sacred to the nuer. Most of society revolves around them. Nuer actually take the names of their favorite cattle and use them as their "cattle names." They will risk their lives to defend their cattle
Nuer men and women participate in ritual scarring, called Garr, to identify themselves as Nuer and show their status.
kermit da frog
The Nuer have been fighting with their rivals, the Dinka tribe, for thousands of years. They have also became embroiled in sudan's civil war in 1983
the traditional Sudanese dress is a loose fitting robe and turban for men, and a dress and wrap around for women
the sudanese staple a a stew called kissara and bread of some type.
the nuer live mostly in mud huts with roofs
typically made of reeds or grass
Sudan's flag
works cited
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The black on the flag stands for South Sudan's people.
The white stands for peace, and the red stands for the blood shed by the warriors who fought to gain its freedom
The green stands for South Sudans's agriculture. The blue stands for the Nile River, and the star stands for unity
“Home.” Nationalclothing.org, nationalclothing.org/africa/35-sudan/49-national-dress-of-sudan-men-prefer-loose-fitting-robes-and-women-use-wrap-around-cloths.html.
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