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Christine Purcell

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Jordan

Shakira Where they live Sakira was born in the town named Branquilla near colombia caribbean coast Family life Shakiras full name is Shakira Isable Mebwrak Ripoll Shakira is youngest.She has 8 brothers and sisters. Shakiras mother is a colombian and her father is lebanse.Shakira is 33 years old Job/Hobbies Shakira does a lot of things like even produces her own songs Shakiras album Magia was her first and it was released in 1991 Shakira dances,acts,sings Interesting Facts Shakira was born on February 2,1977 Shakira was 13 when she signed a recording contract When shakira was 8 she wrote her first song wikimedia.com
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