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Cloudingo Studio Basics

Basic Overview of Cloudingo Studio Functionality and Use

Symphonic Source

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of Cloudingo Studio Basics

Getting Started 1) Getting started with Cloudingo Studio is easy. Simply enter your Salesforce username, password, and security token. Building Queries Account Info 2) The account you’re currently running queries under will show up in the Active account drop-down. basics Searching Queries 4) No matter how big your query, you can quickly search for important keywords or phrases, by using the Find Window, docked on the left. 3) Building queries without writing code is extremely easy. Select the object you want to query against in the Object Explorer, and then check or uncheck which fields you want included in the query. Paging Feature 5) If your query generates more results than you can view on one page, easily page through the results one-by-one using our paging feature! Exporting Results 6) Need to export your results to an outside document? Easy! Simply select the “Export” feature, pick the export type and location, and you’re done! Updating Data 7) Instantly update data in the grid results with the
easy-to-use cell type modifiers. Is it a date value?
Change the date with the pop-out calendar. Picklist Feature 8) Are there multiple possibilities? Utilize the picklist feature! Multiple Queries 9) Running multiple queries simultaneously returns results for each query individually. Query Messages 10) View important details for query errors or unique query types using the Messages tab. That's it!

You're now ready to rock with Cloudingo Studio
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