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Dad's 60th Birthday

No description

Joel Pereira

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of Dad's 60th Birthday

Jockim Justa Pereira
in Moodabidri, Karnataka
May 30th 1984
25th Wedding Anniversary
May 30, 2009
famous for its ports...
Moved to Dubai
...and the dosas
Married Mabel Rodrigues in Mangalore, India
Happy 60th Birthday!!!
at 60
...& traded the beaches for this...
Moved to Canada in
the Roarin' 90s
July 7th 1988
Joel A. Pereira was born
Family Vacations
I Love Lucy is TV's #1 show
...and the world is introduced to James Bond
Also in 1953...
Chevrolet introduces the Corvette
The 'Real' James Bond
...on the farm
...on the beach
...and occasionally in school
From Mangalore with Love
Staring: Jockim Bachchan & Mabel Malini
Family Background
Born to Martin & Juvanna Pereira
Work/Life Balance
Was born the youngest of seven children
...but not that James Bond...
Dubai in the 80s*
...to find fortune
...& love
*Actual picture of Dubai in the 80s
The Early Years
Jockim spent his childhood
After the completion of his studies, Jockim set course for new shores and...

Jockim has an impeccable work/life balance
Making time for work...
...and family
Winning awards...
...and treating the wife
Posing for work...
...then returning right back to work
...checking on Joel
aka the hair loss days
Loving Husband
...to show them who's BOSS!
My Big Brother
Dad: A Thank You
Thank you for everything that you do for US!!!
June 1st 1984
...a journey to 60
Jockim Pereira
Born on April 14th, 1953
Tying the Knot
Jockim Jr. Arrives
Jockim was...
After finding his way in Dubai, Jockim proposed to Mabel in 1984
Jockim then whisked Mabel away on a honeymoon
*(I can confirm that no trees or dancing was involved)
A star is born
Even with additional responsibilities, Jockim always found the perfect balance between work and family
Jockim spent the 90s flourishing in Dubai
In the 2000s, Jockim decided he had enough of living in a warm, rich and TAX FREE country so he...
In Canada, he celebrated his 25th Wedding Anniversary
Vacations from around the world!
Jockim as the Loving Husband through the years...
Jockim as my Big Brother through the years...
Mom and myself would both like to wish you a...
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