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Dangers of Muck Fires

No description

Nicholas Hernandez

on 9 April 2014

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Transcript of Dangers of Muck Fires

Problem in the real world
Possible solutions
Solutions for putting out muck fires are: Rain with no lightning, and the community helping to put it out. These solutions could also be useful in the novel.
Waymer, Jim "Florida's Muck Fires can burn for weeks, Florida's Muck Fires can Burn for weeks." N.P.,\\ May 2006.Web

U.S.A. Today. 20 March 2014


Waymer informs the readers how Florida "muck fires" can burn for weeks. The article gives facts about how muck fires start and how to stop them.
Problem in
In the novel,
, muck fires are a problem because they are producing deadly smoke and worrying the families around nearby neighborhoods. No solutions were provided in the novel.
Dangers of Muck Fires
Like in
, muck fires are a problem in the real world because they are producing deadly smoke.
"Sometimes it takes several days of constant dousing to cool the muck.",
Bibliographies continued
Feyerick, Deborah and Ashley Killough. "80 Homes Destroyed by New York fire amid super storms. CNN. Cable News Network. 01 Jan. 1970. Web.

Cable News Network. 20 March 2014


Feyerick and Killough inform the reader on how
New York Fires are very dangerous to nearby
neighborhoods, and provide information on
how the fires occurred.

Disaster, Florida, "Trackstar;, "Trackstar: N.P.,4 Jan. 2008 web.

Florida disasters, 20 March 2014


Florida Disasters inform the readers about facts on muck fires and how they start. The site also shows the dangers of muck fires in its entirety.
When it rains with lightning, there is a possibility that the muck fires will keep burning because the lightning could strike the muck fire again. However, with just rain, it can put out the muck fire and keep the lignite wet so it won't light again.
Rain with no lightning
The community near the muck fire can help put out by pouring water on the muck fire with buckets, or having Firefighters hose it down.
Community helping out
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