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Pacific Spirit Community Health Center

A group of 7 UBC Nursing students explore the hidden beauty of public health and community nursing.

Karen Hu

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Pacific Spirit Community Health Center

A group of 7 UBC Nursing students on their journey to discover what community nursing and population health truly entails. Activities and Programs Key Health Issues in the Pacific Spirit Community as an example of Chronic Care Management : diabetes and COPD
Immunization Clinics
Parent Infant Groups
Breastfeeding Clinics
Child Health Clinics
Home visits ( AOA and newborns)
Ambulatory Clinic

New Roots
Strong Start
Mental Health Clinic
Addiction Series with Mark Haden
Other health teaching Presented by

Allison Butcher
Jaimie Mccausland
Karen Hu
Andrea So
Stephanie Lancaster
Deana Amundson
Lacey Bialowas 2 more weeks to go! Pacific Spirit - CHA4 Start About the Community... What's unique to PS Community Health Center? Breast Feeding Clinic with lactation consultant
Palliative Access Line
Vancouver Regional Pediatric Team
Continence Nurses
Chronic Disease Nurse Pacific-Spirit (CHA4) is the largest community health area in Vancouver Coastal Health
population has diverse age, household income and culture
average income: $140,000
large portion of population speak a language other than English Pacific Spirit Community Health Center 2110 43rd Ave W, Vancouver, BC Immunization Clinics The Wheel of Intervention NURS336 - Community Nursing DISEASE PREVENTION Applying the wheel of intervention in our immunization experience - communicating facts, ideas, skills and knowledge that change knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, behaviours and practices of individuals, families, systems or communities. HEALTH TEACHING Safe Immunization requires: - knowledge, skill and judgement to assess and share the appropriateness of administering vaccines to clients Examples of Health Teaching - explaining how the vaccine will work ( difference between live and dead, thimerasol etc.)
- sharing the risks and benefits to receiving and not receiving vaccine
- careful client assessment and explanation for anaphylaxis risk
- providing knowledge of vaccine interactions, side effects and potential adverse reactions and what to expect
- child health and growth development assessment and recommendations for clients in child health immunization clinics Surveillance Individual Reflections of our experiences so far.... How have we met some of the core competencies?

Which competencies are we striving to meet? It's almost THE END! Thanks for listening! Finish 1) Elderly population
- fall risks, risk of disease, wound care, proper nutrition, palliation, mental health, home care

2)Mothers and their Newborns
- lack of prenatal classes in the community

3) Aboriginal population
- barriers to accessing the health care system
- on reserves, some with poor living conditions

4) Immigrants
- large portion of population are immigrants
- language and cultural barriers, difficulty accessing public health services, unfamiliar with community and the health care system

5) ''Pocket communities''
- at risk populations in a high income neighbourhood
- living with poverty, addictions, and or other health issues related to the determinants of health Dunbar Community Center
4747 Dunbar Street Community Centers
located in Pacific Spirit Pacific Spirit Community Health Center 1550 33rd W Vancouver Kerrisdale Cyclone Arena 5670 E Blvd Vancouver 3904 W 51st Ave.,Vancouver Musqueam Golf Fraser River at
sunset instagram by Lacey B. Shaughnessy Heights United Church Epidemiology - development of new vaccines
- directs the protocol of immunizing at risk populations Immunization Records - PARIS/ Child Passports - % of population immunized can forecast risks
- numbers expected to be immunized at clinics
- expected vaccine timeline for different age groups
- track missed vaccines Child Development - PARIS -height, weight, head circumference
- records parental concerns
- records referrals to other health care
providers Questions?
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