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Elijah and Pramod

No description

lib hist

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Elijah and Pramod

Why New York was Founded
The type of people in our Colony!
Who was the Founder of New York?
Resource Sources
1.) http://www.softschools.com/facts/13_colonies/ new_york_colony_facts/2043/

Reasons Founded
People You Are With
Peter Minuit was the founder of New Amsterdam, or now called New York. He was born on 1580 and joined Dutch West Indian Company 40 years later. In 1626, he had bought Manhattan from the Indians for trinkets worth about $24! This made him the director of the New Netherland / Amsterdam, colony until it was overtaken by the British. Later, Minuit founded a Swedish colony in Delaware Bay soon before his death from a Caribbean hurricane in 1638.
September 28, 2016
Pramod & Elijah
Background History
The Types of Jobs in Our Colony
New York was one of the original 13 colonies on the Atlantic coast of North America. Out of the three geographical areas (Southern, Middle and New England), New York was classified as a Middle colony. Before it was considered an English Colony, it was founded by the Dutch, by a man named Peter Minuit. However, Charles the II did not like the idea of the Dutch trading with English colonies, so he sent out ships after the Dutch. Knowing this, the Dutch were certain that they had no chance in this battle and they retreated, giving up New Amsterdam and was taken over by the British in 1664. They had changed the name from New Amsterdam to New York, after the name of Charles's brother, James, who was the Duke of North.
The type of jobs New York had were farmers who grew wheat, corn, vegetable's and tobacco other New York became miners , lumberman , sailor, trappers, merchants and craftsman although they were interesting most of the workers were African's or Native American's. They grew wheat and grounded the wheat into flour. The flour was then shipped back to England. Farms are usually 50 to 150 acres of land consisting of a farm, barn, house, and yard.
Colonial History
New York was originally founded by the Dutch in 1624 for trade and monetary gain, most importantly for animal furs. In 1664, it was surrendered by the Dutch and conquered by the British Empire, resulting it to become English Colony.
Many Europeans settled in the colony as refugees since the Dutch were opened for everyone, but others were not. Our colony also included many Natives Americans that traded with the colonists and were friendly and didn't want to cause and harm. Farmers were also large part of the population because many plants were grown in New York, this meant that many slaves were brought from Africa to help nurture all the crops for colonists to eat.
What religions are in New York?
There is no dominant religion in the New York colony thanks to the Protestant Reformation. Anyone can believe what they want to believe. Some of our religions include...

What religions are in New York?
Why you should come to New York

We have what you like from both the English and Southern colonies. We have no slaves and fertile soil. Everyone can live happy.
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