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Disneyland Paris Operations Mng

No description

Samii Amir

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of Disneyland Paris Operations Mng

Question 4 Disneyland Paris recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. What advice would you give them for the next 20 years Bibliography Books:
Slack, N. Chambers, S. & Johnston, R. (2010), Operations Management, 6th Edition, Financial Times Prentice Hall

BBC. (2012). Euro Disney reports higher losses . Available: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-17981798 Last accessed 27th April 2013.

Disneyland Paris (2013) Data protection: EURO DISNEY S.C.A. Fiscal Year 2013 First Quarter Announcement [Online]. Available at: http://corporate.disneylandparis.com/CORP/EN/Neutral/Images/uk-2013-02-05-Q1-FY13-Press-release.pdf
(Accessed: 27 April 2013).

Neate, R. Sylt, C. Reid, C. (2012). Disneyland Paris celebrates 20th birthday €1.9bn in debt. Available: http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2012/apr/11/disneyland-paris-20th-birthday-debt Last accessed 27th April 2013 Operations Management Operation Managers
need to fulfill customer
requests and satisfaction Question 3 Which aspects of operations management does Disneyland Paris need to improve for its future success? Questions 2 What were Disney's main mistakes from the conception of the Paris Resort in 1992 through to 2006 Question 1 What markets were Disneyland Paris aiming for, and how was this delivered through their operations? Question 4 Children,
teens and
families Junior
Jacob Improvement in:
Using their operations excellence in their operations management For the next 20 Years... Improvement in their operations strategy Source: N.Slack, Operations Management (2010) Using the Quality
objective in their
management Creating an
exciting and adventurous
theme park 'Employees
to maintain a high
level of courtesy
and work
performance' High-visibility Operation Operations Strategy- Market requirements

Disneyland's main role is to satisfy their visitors and provide a good experience. 1. Reduce cost
2. Increase revenue
3. Reduce risk
4. Reduce their need for investment
5. Enhance innovation French attitudes to American culture
Grooming requirements (trade unions and Press) Accommodating French attitudes Public perception Euro-Culture Clash Ban on wine.. Queue
Diversions European Characters/French
Speaking Characters Some rides proved
successful whilst others
did not i.e. Indiana Jones
and The Temple of Peril (1993) Disney housing,
hotels near
the park Park Design/ Infrastructure Stakeholders Employees (Objectives)
- Recruitment policy
- Training
- Employee turnover in opening weeks
- Employee wages

- ‘Some visitors.. felt their was a failure in the normal Disney standards’ (Disneyland Paris Case Study, 2013,P5)

Trade unions
What goes on behind the
scenes when an organisation
produces goods and/or services Nigel Slack (2007) Widespread in
their effect Move the organisation closer to its long-term goals Define the position
of organisation
relative to its environment Strategic Decisions For future success Different views of operation strategy Queuing Financial problems- they need to increase
revenues and decrease costs
Refurbishment because
of 20th anniversary
also caused financial
problems Employees
wages Innovations and
investments Main issues for Disneyland Paris Top-down
Bottom-up Top-Down Bottom-Up

Market Requirements
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