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Review of Causes of the American Revolution

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JaDorian Tate

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Review of Causes of the American Revolution

Britian sets up colonies along the Atlantic coast of North America.

These colonies would help Britian gain wealth and power through the system of mercantilism These colonies grow and develop self-government. Freedom! "As long as those colonist are
loyal to Britain, they don't really
have to follow the Navigation Acts.
Well, at least until
we need something." Wars cost $$$$. 1754-1763 I know, I know, we have new
lands west of the Appalachian Mountains.
But you colonist cannot move over there.
Wars with the Native Americans
are expensive. Proclamation of 1763 How are we going to pay for this war?
-Britain Let's enforce the Navigation Acts. We will make sure they are trading with only us. ~1650-1750
Let's tax sugar, molasses, and other products shipped to colonies. This shouldn't make the colonist too upset it will mainly affect the merchants. Sugar Act 1764
The soilders could live with the colonist they are proctecting. Quatering Act 1765
Every one should help pay this debt not just colonial merchants. Let's tax documents by using stamps. Stamp Act 1765 "No taxation without representation!"
-Patrick Henry (Patriot leader) Nine colonies send delegates to the Stamp Act Congress. The Stamp Act Congress sends a petition the king protesting the Stamp Act. 1765
Colonial merchants organize a boycott of British goods.
The secret society, Sons of Liberty, is formed to opposed British policies. 1765 The Stamp Act is repealed!!! We still have to pay for the war debt...
-Britain We will just tax the items they import from us. Townsend Acts 1767 Turn and Talk
How do you think the colonist responded to the Townsend Acts? The Daughters of Liberty (1769) helped the boycott by making cloth, tea and buying only American made goods.
Samuel Adams wrote a letter to colonies protesting the Townsend Acts . It said that the Acts violated their rights as British citizens. Britian lost alot of revenue due to the boycott.
So they repealed most of the Townsend Acts except the tax on Tea . 1770 The Boston Massacre The same day as the repeal of the Townsend Acts, a fight between the colonist and British soldiers erupted. Samuel Adams use this as an opportunity to promote anti-British feelings amongst the colonist. Sam Adams also got Paul Revere to engrave a picture to be distributed throughout the colonies as anti-Brtish propaganda. John Adams defended the soilders accused of killing the five colonist. He wanted to show that the colonist followed the rule of law. Then there was calm for about 3 years. The Townsend Acts caused the British East Indian Company to almost go bankrupt. To save the company, the British Parliament made the BEIC the sole provider of tea to the colonies (Tea Act). If Parliament could give tthe BEIC a monopoly in the colonies what else could they do??? I know, you know, what the colonist did in response to the Tea Act. 1773 Boston Tea Party The British Parliment passes the Coersive Acts, known in the colonies as the Intolerable Acts. 1774 It closed the Boston harbor until all of the tea was paid for. Banned committees of correspondence. More Troops were sent to Boston. Causes of the American Revolution 1766 Yes, we repealed the Stamp Act but Parliament still has the right to make laws for the colonies.
Declaratory Act 1766 1770 1773 Triangular Trade Turn and Talk
What are some of the reasons people came to America? Turn and Talk
What are some examples of Self-Government in the colonies? Salutary Neglect- Britain's 'hands off' approach to governing the colonies before the French and Indian war. Turn and Talk
Why did the proclamation of 1763 upset the colonist? Turn and Talk
How did British economic policy toward the colonies change after the French and Indian War? Turn and Talk
As British citizens, do you think the colonist should have had representatives in Parliament? First Continental Congress Every colony besides Georgia sent delegates to discuss how the colonies should respond to the Intolerable Acts.
The colonies decided to boycott all British goods until the Intolerable Acts are repealed.
Some colonies even begin to form militias. Militia- a military force made up of civilians.
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