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Noah Al Masri

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Draft Business Process START FROM SCRAP INEVENTS We start with basic Principles / Rules:
- You have to BELIEVE in it first
- Establishing Core beliefs
- Decide What you Do(& what you don't)
. Broaden your vision, but narrow your focus
. Strategy is about making choices
- Decide who you serve, and focus on them intensely
.You cant be everything to everyone, so at least be something to someone
- Decide what makes you different & Do It- THINK DIFFERENT
- Manage Cash Flow very Closely
- Manage Employees
- Manage Customer Expectations
- Set Goals, & Go after them- The future you see is the future you get
- Expose yourself - tell the market what you do
- Preserve through the tough times
- Always Maintain you Integrity Invest in Ur business Make your Business Trans formative SUCCESS NETWORKING NETWORKING NETWORKING 1. Its all about the people
2. Seek Innovation that begets invention
3. Find enough venturesome capital
4. Create a formidable and durable business model
5. Grab the next-mover advantage
6. Failure is an option
7. Government matters
8. Innovate or die http://www.forbes.com/sites/martinzwilling/2012/01/29/8-key-elements-make-your-business-transformative/ FORBES .COM Family Bugs
Alcohol Prb
divorced Family
Personal Bugs
Gf Issues
Personality Prbs
etc, ... never get
!!! Tips to Start Your Own Business Start with areas you already have a great deal of interest in, and equipment and materials for. This will help cut down startup costs.
Make Sure You Have Support
Develop A Work Space-Make sure you have a dedicated, private area to work. This area should be free of noise and distraction discipline frugality self-confidence good communication skills humility honesty integrity motivation optimism Good Health Being your own Boss, Earning a paycheck from the comfort of your own home been always the dream
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