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Countable, uncountable and quantifiers

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Pedro Galmes Puig

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Countable, uncountable and quantifiers

count the uncontable possible if one looks at the product packaging

for example:


Countable is everything that can be counted. example: people, objects, etc..
chair silla
a chair una silla
two chairs dos sillas
pencil lápiz
a pencil un lápiz

for example:

The countable nouns have plural form, you can use numbers in front of them to express their quantity and indefinite articles (A - AN)
a bottle of wine una botella de vino
a glass of milk un vaso de leche
a cup of tea una taza de té
flour harina
milk leche
wood madera
snow nieve
sugar azúcar
wine vino
tea té
Uncountable nouns is anything that can not be counted
can not form the plural, since it is not possible to say "meal", "milk", etc.
can not express their amount putting a number and much less used before indefinite articles (A - AN).
for example:
Another aid would be lead to think that the uncountable quantifiers like much and little, while lead countable quantifiers like many and few.

Uncountable Countable

How much?

How many?
much money
mucho dinero

many bills
muchos billetes
much traffic
mucho tráfico

many cars
muchos autos
little food
poca comida

few cookies
pocas galletas
little fruit
poca fruta

few apples
pocas manzanas

...with uncountable nouns

....with countable nouns

much - mucho many - muchos
so much - tanto so many - tantos
too much- demasiado too many - demasiados
little- poco few- pocos
a little- algo de a few - algunos
less- menos - menor cantidad de fewer- menor número que
the least - la menor cantidad the fewest - el menor número de
a large amount of - una gran cantidad de a large number of - un gran número de
a great deal of - mucho/a a great many - muchísimos
one cup

two cups

three cups
a bottle of water
Pedro Galmés Puig
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