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1963-A High Time in Civil Rights

A look at culture, technology and education in 1963

kristy franklin

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of 1963-A High Time in Civil Rights

nineteen sixty-three
a year of highs & lows February 9-
First Boeing 727
Jet Flight April 1-
"General Hospital"
premieres on television September 27-
10:59 a.m. census records
the U.S. population at 190,000,000. More than 250,000 people came to the Lincoln Memorial on August 28 to hear
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s
"I Have a Dream" speech.
Wish I were there. January 7-
First class stamp
is 5 cents With a booming population, the U.S. postal service institutes Zip codes on July 1. John F. Kennedy, our 35th President of the United States. He signs a law for equal work for men and women. "Segregation is morally wrong!" President Kennedy says, "It's time to act!" As our president was trying to unify the country others wanted racial inequality to remain. Governor George Wallace blocks blacks from registering at the University of Alabama during same week in June. Vivian Malone was aided by President Kennedy,
a U.S. attorney and the U.S. National Guard as she entered the University of Alabama on June 11. Norman Rockwell painted an oil painting in 1963 depicting
Ruby Bridges being escorted by
U.S. Marshals as she integrated her elementary school in 1959.
On the wall see the "N" word, "KKK" (upper left) and a smashed tomato that was thrown at this brave little girl. Major Medical: Oral polio vaccine with a lump of sugar is given nationwide in U.S. and UK. The measles vaccine was developed. Valium was brought to the market becoming the first blockbuster and largest selling drug of the era. Prior to 1963, children prayed in school. June 17-These are the men who ruled against Bible reading and prayer in public schools. Three months later on September 15,
these four young black girls were killed while
in Sunday school .... Talk about a hate crime. On November 21, President and Mrs. Kennedy fly to Texas. Jackie Kennedy was known for her fabulous fashions. Jackie, Caroline and John Jr.'s world forever
changed .... Talk about a hate crime. Lyndon B. Johnson was sworn in as the 36th president of the United States. Life goes on . In the midst of pain, discrimination, racism and hate, there's something to smile about.
Harvey Ball designs the Smiley Face symbol. Art imitating life. Something to sing about--The Beatles record
"I Want To Hold Your Hand." AT&T touch-tone phones first came
into our homes in 1963.
Philips introduced the compact audio cassette
in the U.S. It was mostly used for dictation. This is what happened the next day...
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