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Child & Teen Beauty Pageants

No description

Nicole Elmhorst

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Child & Teen Beauty Pageants

Child & Teen Beauty Pageants -6 years old
-her death started controversy over child beauty pageants children are judged on:
-how well they display the different clothing styles
-how they dance
-how talented they are -casual wear
-formal wear
-sport wear spend lots of money of their:
-entree fees
-make-up Advantages JonBenét Ramsey Pageants Disadvantages The Competition helps to learn grace if they win, they are sometimes offered scholarships, and also have an opportunity to win money Great bonding experience for families with:
-spending time together Teaches one to have great confidence Teaches one patience Teaches one to speak with poise in front of an audience and stay stong when all eyes are on them builds courage Allows one to meet new people and make new friends without being afraid over come shyness some parents don't mentally or emotionally prepare their kids for what can happen if the child doesn't win, they could feel unattractive stuck spending lots of time on their smile, walks and turns time comsuming works cited:
-http://www.articlealley.com/article_1035184_24.html What will girls do just to fit in? starve themselves? wear more makeup? cosmetic surgery? 90% of girls ages 14 and 15 claim to have suffered with depression 6% saying life just is not worth living anymore 94% of girls in this country are trying to fit into the beauty queen image 75% of girls with low self esteem are reported engaging in negative behavior and harmful activities eating disorders:
-anorexia Diet Effects long term medical problems lower metabolism muscle and organ tissue loss possible bone loss teaches one how to handle being let down or told no
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