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To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 1-11

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Jennifer Hdez

on 24 April 2017

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Transcript of To Kill A Mockingbird Chapters 1-11

The main characters consist of Scout, Jem, Atticus, Dill, and Calpurnia
Chapter 1 introduces the characters and setting of the novel. The story is told by Scout Finch and it takes place in Maycomb, Alabama. The reader is introduced to the stories of "Boo Radley". The children believe that he is an evil person and are curious about him
Chapter 1
Chapter 3
Summary: In chapter three Scout tries to fight Walter Cunningham for getting her in trouble in school. Jem invites him over for dinner and Scout is perplexed by the way he is eating. She is then scolded by Calpurnia and told that not everyone lives the way they do. Walter is from one of Macomb's poorer families.
Chapter 4
Summary: In chapter four we learn that Scout is still unhappy in school and that someone has been leaving items in a Radley tree. Dill arrives for the summer and they begin playing the "Boo" Radley game. Jem lies to his father about what they are playing.
Chapter 2
Summary: This chapter focuses on the experiences of Scout at school. She is treated badly by Miss Caroline, her teacher, for already knowing how to read and for talking back. Miss Caroline tells Scout to tell her father to stop teaching her to read.
By: Jennifer Hernandez (p.1)
To Kill A Mockingbird
Chapters 1-11

Chapter 5
Summary: Chapter five begins with Scout discussing her evenings spent with Miss Maudie, who has become a close friend of hers. Jem and Dill exclude Scout from playing their games because she is a girl. Towards the end they try to get a note to Boo Radley but are caught by Atticus. Scout learns more about Boo Radley and beings to understand why he may be the way he is.
Chapter 6
Summary: Scout, Jem, and Dill try to look into Boo Radley's window but are scared away by someone's shadow. As they run away Jem's pants get left behind and Dill covers up this fact by telling Atticus that they were playing strip poker. Later Jem goes back to get his pants.
Chapter 7
Summary: Scout and Jem keep finding presents within the knothole of the Radley's tree. After a while they decide to keep the presents within the tree, but then later on Mr. Nathan Radley fills in the hole with cement. His explanation is that the tree is sick but when the children ask Atticus he says that the tree looks healthy. Jem is very upset that the knothole is filled with cement.
Chapter 8
: It begins to snow in Maycomb, and Jem and Scout try to make a snowman but there is very little snow. They go to Miss Maudie's house to bring over some of her snow. In the middle of the night Miss Maudie's house catches on fire and the whole street helps to put it out. Later they realize that Boo Radley put a blanket around Scout to keep her warm while they were waiting outside for the fire to be put out.
Chapter 9
Summary: In the beginning of this chapter Scout is ready to beat up Cecil Jacobs for insulting her father. Atticus is going to defend a black man in court, and people aren't happy with that. Soon it's Christmas, and they spend it with Uncle Jack, Aunt Alexandra, and Francis. Scout ends up punching Francis for insulting Atticus and Uncle Jack doesn't listen to Scout's side of the story
Chapter 10
Summary: Atticus's age embarrasses the children because he doesn't do what other fathers do. One day Scout and Jem see a dog acting strangely and tell Calpurnia. She says that is is a "mad dog" and the whole neighborhood locks themselves in. They call the sheriff but Atticus is the one that ends up shooting the dog. Jem and Scout find out that Atticus is an expert shot with a gun.
Chapter 11
Summary: No matter how nice the children are Mrs. Dubose she always ends up insulting them and Atticus. Jem goes into town and buys a toy and a baton for Scout. Jem can't get over one of Mrs. Dubose's comments regarding their father and he destroys her flowers. He is caught and his punishment is to read to Mrs. Dubose everyday for a month. Later in the chapter we find out that Mrs. Dubose died, and that she did so free from any drug.
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