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Monarch, Meet Anna.

This presentation presents some of my key qualifications for the LSTC position at Monarch School. Thank you for viewing!

Anna Colley

on 28 August 2011

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Transcript of Monarch, Meet Anna.

Anna Colley { Your school's next LSTC }

(At least, that's what I'm hoping!) I knew I wanted to be an LSTC as soon as I knew there was such a person.
Instructional Technology is my passion. After I had aspired to be an LSTC
for a few years, I asked an LSTC friend, "What exactly does an LSTC do anyway?" She couldn't put it into words. "A little of everything," she said. An LSTC's job essentially consists of 5* areas: Staff Development Instructional Technology Communication Supporting
Productivity Troubleshooting
Technical Support *with a little project management,
budget wizardry, and hand-holding
thrown in the mix Taught local school and
cluster staff development
for science adoption Designed and taught
10-hour local school course
"Content for Your Web Page"
to a diverse staff audience, now being developed into an online course for Gwinnett Online Campus. Currently collaborating with a small team
developing online courses for
Gwinnett Online Campus covering
the Quality-Plus Teaching Strategies My course addresses strategy #13 Use technology effectively
to plan, teach, and assess. When it comes to instructional technology,
it helps to have someone who is an idea person. Head Start and Pre-K
alphabet photographic scavenger hunt
use audio and photos to make an interactive class book
use Kid Pix to create simple maps of the classroom
use blogs for shared writing
digital photography in outdoor classroom used for writing prompts
use Neurosmith's Phonics Tiles in a learning center
partner with kindergarten classes at other schools as "video pen pals"
use Tangible Flags in outdoor classroom (looks very interesting!)

make hip-hop videos to teach a skill
use Google Maps to map community living sites visited
make graphs to track statistics for coffee shop
record video of practice job interviews and review together as a class
weather station in outdoor classroom
using images to build background
podcast about learning
follow The Journey North's monarch migration at Ideas for integrating technology
into instruction at Monarch: I have successfully built learning experiences for students using... student-created web pages online research simulations desktop publishing Web Quests Kid Pix SuccessMaker Multimedia presentations Mimio interactive whiteboard digital photography Professional Website contains content for students, parents, and colleagues most-visited class website at all 3 of my schools content updated weekly used as an example for GTAM, SACS, and GTAT received kudos from many web visitors I was the sole classroom teacher invited to plan and teach a Technology Summer Camp Program at Taylor Elementary with the technology team. Together, we authored an original, thematic curriculum for the week-long camp. I'm a bit of a stickler for grammar and spelling, which helps me make school communications professional. Besides being clear, useful, and correct, it's also important that communications are presented in an attractive manner. It's another one of those things that makes the school look professional, and it gives the parents and community confidence about the school. It just so happens that design is a bit of a hobby of mine. I'm an avid scrapbooker and photographer, and I love designing websites, documents, and presentations too! {Can you tell?} Providing technical support to teachers is like being a translator. It's my job to put the technical into a context and language that the staff member can understand so that the technology acts as a valuable tool instead of a road block. The greatest compliment I can receive in this area is to hear a staff member say, "I know how to do it myself thanks to Anna!" I've heard it many times, but it never gets old! I love the way technology can make mundane tasks quicker and easier. I first began writing the Tech Tips newsletter feature in 2007 to share some of the wonderful shortcuts I had found with my colleagues. It has been a roaring success! I have received accolades and thanks from other teachers, administrators, and even each school's LSTC on the helpfulness of the tips in making work faster and easier. (A few of those emails are included in the portfolio you received.) I successfully researched and wrote a grant proposal for a student response system (SRS) for my grade level.
I have served as grade level manager more than once, making budgetary decisions for the team.
As a member of the Technology Committee, I have experience piloting and evaluating software, and making budgetary decisions.
I served as director of Camp Invention, which required many responsibilities, including hiring and training staff, budgeting, accounting for materials, and detailed record-keeping. Monarch, If you were at all impressed by my presentation, it might make you wonder. What if there were a presentation like this one about Monarch School? Your last reservation about me might be my lack of experience as an LSTC. I think Monarch is uniquely positioned to realize the latent potential of individuals. I hope you'll see my potential as an LSTC the way that I see it. I know someone who would love to show you! Please visit my website to explore more:
http://www.annacolley.com Feel free to contact me with any further questions. anna_colley@gwinnett.k12.ga.us
home.678.985.2952 Anna Colley Visit: http://www.annacolley.com Helpful Hints for the Presentation:

Click the arrow at the bottom to proceed through the presentation.
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You can click in the presentation window at any time to explore further. Use the zoom buttons at the right or your scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in and out. Just click the arrow when you're ready to go on again.
Don't go too fast, or you may get dizzy!
Thank you for looking at my presentation! http://www.invent.org/camp/default.aspx Mouse over the video screen and press play if you'd like to see a short video that shows the importance of empowering individuals--and being patient! Staff Development
Instructional Technology
Supporting Productivity
Technical Support { *with a little project management, budget wizardry, and hand-holding thrown in the mix Let me walk you through some of my experience in each area. Education City Mega Math Inspiration Kidspiration Type to Learn Media Services Oregon Trail United Streaming Tumble Books Brain Pop Quia Reader Rabbit Timeline software Weather.com Google Maps I would also love to work on the yearbook! Tech Tips appear weekly in the staff newsletter, and are available on my website as well as on the shared drive. I guess you could say I'm... http://www.cs.umd.edu/hcil/tangibleflags/TangibleFlags.shtml http://www.learner.org/jnorth/monarch/ Do you see the letter K? Kids react to the environment by drawing or writing, and they can see each other's notes too! Where have the monarchs been? Mexico "sends" us the real monarchs. Monarch School Head Start and Pre-K students can send paper monarchs on a "symbolic migration" to Mexico! Explore sounds & words. Part of a team that authored and edited a school brochure for community members and new families I have many more ideas I'd love to share with you!
I also checked out the Smart Table, and it looks very promising!
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