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Freddie Anthony

on 14 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Question 4 How did you use media technologies
in the construction and research, planning
and evaluation stages? 'Turkish Delight' Post Production Final Cut Pro Posters Narrative
Development Turkish Delight Visual Development Weebly Tutorial Weebly I chose my layout from a selection of templates.
I then created each page according to the content i will be uploading.
I then began adding the necessary information and relevant photographs. In the creation of my Mood Board, Story Board,
location shoot and test shoot i used a Canon EOS
550d and then laid the pictures out using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007. To create our Script; treatment and synopsis, we
used Microsoft Word 2007. This is due to the simple
fact that these files are written documents and are not intended to be visually asthetic. They are only made to fit the given format. To edit my film I To create our film's posters, we did not use a professional program similar to Photoshop as we wanted the poster to be simple. For this we used Microsoft PowerPoint that has several image controls built in. This enabled us to remove the background and add colour using the saturation filter function. To create and develop my blog, i have used many
hardware and software technologies. The website I used is called www.weebly.com www.weebly.com promises its users an
easy blog creation process that
not only makes a fully functioning
website but also makes look professional. I shot various photographs from different scenes in my film. Then placed them in a quad grid using PowerPoint. Then using the text box function labeled each image using slug-lines and a brief summary of the scene. I further edited the pictures through PowerPoint by decreasing the saturation, making them black and white. used a program called Final Cut. A professional standard editing software compatible for Mac's. Drag a video file into final cut.
Place it onto the timeline and Render it.
Repeat the process until all files are on the timeline.
Using tools/ filters and effects add them accordingly.
Using Text boxes, add titles and other text in the film. YouTube is a website owned by Google. It is a video streaming website that allows anyone to view, post, comment and share video content. There are copyright issues involved but due to its vast market, this is becoming less of an issue. To upload our film we exported it from Final Cut and made sure it was able to be played through Apple's Quick Time Player. (The IOS default media player). Then using YouTube's easy upload service which is just a simple file transfer, we made it an unlisted video which means it is only available to those we give the link to.
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