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How the Rivers First Came on Earth

No description

Neha K

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of How the Rivers First Came on Earth

Garden Archetype Creation Garden/Perfect World Temptation Sin water privileges taken away from son
throwing of all stones resulted in water flowing from every side
threatened to overflow the Earth
water covered son's entire farm
made him very hungry
The selfish son was forced to beg from his brothers for food until his new farm grew The world is created by Etim 'ne and Ejaw who were the first people to come down to Earth
Etim'ne had begged for water from Obassi Osaw
Ejaw had bore the first ever children bringing the first ever people to earth seek in the bed of the stream and only remove one stone
Each son walk in a different direction
Place only one stone on the ground, a big stone would create a river and a small one would create a stream
Greed to create the largest body of water the eye had ever seen Four sons had killed prey in the woods and refused to share it with their father in order to keep more for themselves
one of the selfish sons had taken a great basket and filled it with stones
Then he had thrown all his charms at once in the same place Short Term
Consequences How the Rivers First Came on Earth Death
people on Earth
Less amount of land as a result of growing water beds surrounding the Earth resulting in less place to live Long Term
Consequences All water was kept at kingdom of Obassi Osaw
Transportable growing rivers/water
Etim 'ne and his wife joyfully celebrated their life with water
Each family of sons lived happily as they each were given a river by their father A myth about the
first people to
live on Earth Created By: Neha, Nicole, Matt, & Connor
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