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francis asabre's volcano

No description

guildford public

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of francis asabre's volcano

why do Volcanoes erupt?
A Volcano is formed as a mountain that has an opening at the top called a crater and hot magma comes out turning it into lava.
A Volcano is made up of a vent,magma chamber and earths crust. A vent is always the opening of the earth. if some vents are blocked by all the lava flow [that turned into the earths crust] the volcano will erupt at a stronger capacity. the magma chamber is a chamber that stores lots of magma to be erupted out becoming lava.
The reason why magma comes out to the surface is when the gases inside the volcano build pressure to make the red hot magma rise up to the top. When one of the vents are blocked the capacity of the eruption is stronger.
There are three stages of a volcano an active, dormant and an extinct volcano. An active volcano is a volcano that erupted before and will erupt again. A dormant volcano is a volcano that has not erupted for centuries but might erupt again. An extinct volcano is a volcano that is dead and will never erupt again.
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