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Mobile Journalism

No description

Haley Jones

on 18 August 2014

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Transcript of Mobile Journalism


Richard Patterson
Pip Hale

Chris and Gabby Adcock
Chris and Gabby Adcock were married in 2013 after a year of being mixed doubles partners in the England mixed double-circuit.
Won Gold at the commonwealth games in the mixed doubles.

By Haley,
Marcus and Mitch

Private Life

Richie Patterson & Pip Hale
Couple & NZ Weightlifters at the Commonwealth Games
Social Media Comparison
Twitter- Gabby Adcock
Twitter- Chris Adcock
Easy to find
Uses twitter on a daily basis
Re tweets and interacts with fans.
Uses it to communicate with family.
Tweets: 3,580 Followers: 8,829
Since March 2011
Facebook- Gabby
No person profile
No Pages created
Neither of the two have instagram, they instead use twitter as their way of sharing photos.
Very little other than a Twitter profile.
They may think Twitter is a big enough social media platform to reach their fans.
Similar to Richie and Pip: both couples don't use all platforms of social media.
Why? Maybe to restrict what can and can't be accessed by the public and journalists.
Pip & Richard were engaged during the Commonwealth Games and married shortly after they finished
Richard acts as Pip's coach

The couple also run their own
CrossFit gym on the North Shore
Pip's Facebook Page
Mix of professional and more personal content surrounding the Commonwealth Games.
Lines between professional and private are blurred.
Feedback from FB followers
Pre-Games Coverage

Woman's Weekly article
Focus on their relationship
Barbara Alysen, 2012
during the Games
Social media's reaction to Richie winning gold

Neither of them are easy to find: they don't use their own names.
Strictly professional; only about weightlifting, even before the Commonwealth Games began.
There's nothing personal about family and friends.
Pip's Instagram is about her and fellow weightlifting friends: not solely about herself, although she makes all the posts.
Counter-argument: their whole life is about weightlifting, so maybe it could be considered private material?
Both Richie and Pip link their Instagram accounts to their Facebooks.
Richie posts a lot of videos on Instagram.
Richie's Facebook Page
We see new kinds of communication where content, opinion, and conversation often can’t be clearly separated... Or, think about forums or comments below a web site entry where n original post may generate a long discussion which after goes into new and original directions, with the original item long forgotten.

- Lev Manovich, 2008
What before was ephemeral, transient, unmappable, and invisible become permanent, mappable, and viewable. Social media platforms give users unlimited space for storage and plenty of tools to organize, promote, and broadcast their thoughts, opinions, behavior, and media to others. You can already directly stream video using your laptop or mobile phone, and it is only a matter of time before constant broadcasting of one’s life becomes as common as email.

- Lev Manovich, 2008
Through social media, athletes are able to promote themselves and their sporting code to any level they desire.

Richie and Pip use social media to promote themselves professionally - there is limited posts/tweets/pictures about their personal lives.

Personal information is provided through interviews conducted outside of the "social media" sphere; although people CAN access this content on mobile devices.

We believe both Pip and Richie could increase their Twitter usage to interact with fans on a more personal level, and increase the network between other athletes during the Commonwealth Games. This can also be done among the other NZ weightlifters to create a stronger social media presence.
Social media provides Pip and Richie unlimited space to promote themselves as athletes and as a couple, however they restrict personal content on this social media platform.
What is the difference between Instagram and Facebook?
Both Richie and Pip do not have a Twitter presence.
During the Commonwealth Games, live Twitter updates were common.
This social media platform provides followers with personal thoughts and updates (think celebrities!)
Not having Twitter deprives weightlifting fans around the world from having that level of personal contact with Pip and Richie.
Own a business together
Their website does not contain personal information about themselves.
The pair have their own business, they are a couple, and they train together.
Spend all their time together - both privately and publicly.
ANZ Campaign
Barbara Alysen, 2012
Media reaction to other NZ weightlifters
Clear to see that
Twitter was the most widely used social media platform to discuss the weightlifters progress at the Commonwealth Games

Facebook & Instagram have not been used as much to cover their journey
Media Reaction to Pip's 6th place
Easy to find
Active tweeter
Tweets on a daily basis
Personal tweets about family, her husband
Interactions with fans
Tweets: 4,130 Followers: 5,064
Since March 2011
Overall Social media observation
Coverage of the couple
during the Games
Comparison to other sporting couple in the Games
Facebook- Chris
No Personal Facebook
One fan made profile
Bill Grueskin, 2011
Kwak, Lee, Park & Moon (2010)
Overall impact of Hale-Patterson on NZ weightlifting
- Suggests that Twitter has evolved to a powerful social force
- Provides a platform for citizen journalism, connection of celebrities and personalities to the wider public
Hale and Patterson have given the NZ team a front couple that people can find interest in whether they like the sport or not.
It has also given fans a storyline to follow and keep them interested in the sport.
The sport has also gained better exposure from getting coverage in news outlets that they wouldn't have had if they were not in a relationship.
Chris Adcock
Focus on weightlifting career not
personal life

Online articles
This is where the Adcock's get the biggest amount of exposure for being in a couple
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